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    Interested in learning Greek

    I'm interested in learning modern Greek.  Where should I start?
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    Official EO/RC dialouge documents

    Does anybody know where I can find minutes, outlines, documents, etc. for Eastern Orthodox / Roman Catholic international dialouge, or the national theological consultation, or that meeting between Catholic or Orthodox bishops in America that happens every so often? As I mentioned, I'm in grad...
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    Avatar problems

    I keep trying to upload a custom avatar, but I get told that the upload directory is not writable.  I've reduced the size of the image to what I believe is acceptable.  Any ideas what the problem might be?
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    Is this the right place to introduce myself?

    Hi, I'm ManSpider.  I'm Roman Catholic and am currently trying to get a Master's degree in religious studies at the University of Dayton in Ohio.  I've always been interested to Orthodoxy, and the Cahtolic/Orthodox dialouge a lot (sometimes I go to divine liturgy in the Byzantine Catholic...