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  1. Fr. George

    For the departed priests John and Demetrios

    Two of the priests who were long-time clergy in the greater Cleveland area when I was growing up have passed into the Kingdom in the last few months, Fr. John Protopapas and (just in the last few days) Fr. Demetrios Simeonides. Both good and kind men who were good to us and faithful servants of...
  2. Fr. George

    For the newly departed Martha

    Please pray for the repose of Martha, who has succumbed to the coronavirus. She is the mother of forum member PeterTheAleut. May her memory be eternal!
  3. Fr. George

    Welcome to the new OC.Net

    Good evening everyone! Welcome back to the new-and-improved OC.net, hosted now using the XenForo platform (versus our former SMF platform). You'll notice that there are lots of differences in how this platform feels compared to the older one, and there are some similarities. I encourage you...
  4. Fr. George

    OC.Net Staff - Moderatorial Structure

    OC.NET FORUM MODERATION STRUCTURE {Future updates will be reflected here with note as to date changed.} Section moderators are listed beneath the Global Mod that supervises them. Founder, Technical & Content Administrator: Anastasios Administrator responsible for the Forum: Fr. George...
  5. Fr. George

    OrthodoxChristianity.Net Forum Rules

    OrthodoxChristianity.net Rules and Regulations Welcome to the OrthodoxChristianity.net (OC.net) forum! We are a community dedicated to discussion of various topics related to Eastern Orthodox Christianity. We welcome you and hope you will stay and join us in discussion. A few rules are...
  6. Fr. George

    For the repose of the Priest Menelaos

    In your kindness, please pray for the repose of Fr. Menelaos (and his wife Erasmia, who predeceased him by 7 years). A priest who served in the US for nearly 50 years in smaller communities after serving in Cyprus and in Athens, Fr. Menelaos returned to his native Cyprus 7 years ago.  He was...
  7. Fr. George

    For Fr. George (not OC.Net's Fr. George)

    Asking for your prayers for one of our Metropolis clergy, Fr. George (not me!) who was just diagnosed with cancer, and for his family.  No idea of severity, prognosis, etc. for the time being - he is in otherwise great health and his spirits are good.
  8. Fr. George

    Holy Fri-Sat Shutdown

    Good afternoon beloved denizens of OC.net! The forum will observe its usual shutdown in remembrance of the Passion of our Lord beginning this evening around 6pm, and ending Saturday evening before the Paschal vigil (all times EDT).  We pray that everyone has a spiritually uplifting celebration...
  9. Fr. George

    Earthquake in Salt Lake City

    Let us pray that anyone injured will recover, that things damaged can be restored, and that those with other needs (i.e. those who are ill, homeless, distressed, etc.) are able to have them met.  Lord, have mercy!
  10. Fr. George

    Clean Monday Shutdown and Intermittent Outtages

    Good morning beloved fellow denizens of OC.net, We will be observing our usual Clean Monday Shutdown (for those of us on the Revised & Julian Calendars; for those on the Gregorian - a blessed Lent to you already!) next week on Monday.  However, between now and then the site may have to go down...
  11. Fr. George

    Happy 17th Birthday, OC.Net!

    On this day in 2002, the old Byzantines.org, which had lain dormant for some time, was resurrected as OrthodoxChristianity.net, reflecting the changing sensibilities of some of the founders.  Over 1.5 million posts later, and the community remains.... interesting!  (And I suppose I wouldn't have...
  12. Fr. George

    For repose of Fr. Arthur, and repose of Pres. Eleni (2 different families)

    Christ is Risen! I am in Columbus OH today for the funeral of Fr. Arthur Baron, who suddenly (and unexpectedly) left this earthly life on Bright Monday, after spending 30+ years in the priesthood, and nearly all that time as a full-time chaplain for the Ohio Department of Corrections.  I pray...
  13. Fr. George

    New Tech Support Account

    Good evening! Anastasios has enlisted the help of others to assist in cleaning up the forum database, removing the glitches, and possibly upgrades in the future.  With there being more than one person working on technical support issues, a Tech Support account was created to give one...
  14. Fr. George

    New Tech Support account

    Good evening! Anastasios has enlisted the help of others to assist in cleaning up the forum database, removing the glitches, and possibly upgrades in the future.  With there being more than one person working on technical support issues, a Tech Support account was created to give one...
  15. Fr. George

    2019 Clean Monday Shutdown

    Good day, denizens of OC.net! As usual, OC.Net will be closed in observation of Clean Monday.  In addition, in order to fix recent problems we have been having with the database, we have a scheduled maintenance window on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 12-13, which means there might be...
  16. Fr. George

    For repose of Fr. Robert Taft

    The eminent liturgiologist Fr. Robert Taft has passed away.  While not in popular consciousness among the Orthodox because he wasn't a member of our Church (RC, Jesuit order), he was the most well-known scholar of Byzantine worship in the English-speaking world.  May the Lord bless him to...
  17. Fr. George

    For the repose of the priest Dragan

    This evening a beloved priest known well in SW Pennsylvania and NE Ohio, Fr. Dragan Filipovich, unexpectedly (but peacefully) passed into eternal life. Please pray for his eternal rest among the Saints, and for comfort and strength for his wife Mira, their children and grandchildren.  May his...
  18. Fr. George

    For Gregory

    Please keep Gregory in your prayers.  He has battled a number of health-related ailments through the years (and he's a young man, not even 30 yet), and now has flesh-eating bacteria to contend with.
  19. Fr. George

    Ministry Forum

    Good day, denizens of OC.Net!  Today, the Mods, GMs, and Admins of our beloved discussion forum are proud to unveil the Ministry Forum.  It's purpose, elaborated in the stickied "Readme" at the top, is: Please note - this is not a forum for polemics.  The first moderator for this section is...
  20. Fr. George

    READ FIRST - Section Purpose, Rules

    This board is dedicated to discussion and thoughts on how to begin, sustain, improve, and re-make active ministries of the Church. This can involve the routine (education, pastoral visitation, stewardship, etc.), the sublime (theosis study groups) and the should-have-been-obvious-all-along...