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  1. PJ

    Wanting to get back into religious forums, but ...

    In my younger days I spent a good deal of time (too much) in religious (RC, EC, and EO) discussion forums. Now, after some years away (or mostly away) from them, I'm interested in getting back into the game. But then when I try to do so ... when I guess I'm just "not feeling it" so to speak...
  2. PJ

    Do any Protestants still post here?

    Do any Protestants still post here?
  3. PJ

    Personal life?

    Hi all. I'm curious how you see the relationship between participation on this forum and your personal life. I ask because, in thinking about my own participation here (which admittedly hasn't happened very much this year, but that's beside the point) I feel like I've been here not so much as a...
  4. PJ

    Anyone still on CAF?

    Is anyone here still on the Catholic Answers Forum (CAF)?
  5. PJ

    New Age (and the like) in Movies/TV

    Hi all. The particular question I have in mind is: Do you worry about this sort of thing at all (e.g. that we're "inundated" with it)? But also open to other questions on the topic.
  6. PJ

    Orthodox sources using "ecclesial communities"?

    Hi everybody. Does anyone know of any Orthodox sources that used the phrase "ecclesial communities" (a staple of Catholic documents) before a month ago? Orthodox-wiki doesn't contain that phrase, and I don't recall e.g. any Orthodox patriarch using it until the recent Joint Declaration of Pope...
  7. PJ

    A comment at a baptism

    This may not be much of a question, but let me ask it anyhow: Is it common, after a baptism, for the priest to then tell the convert "You're just as much an Orthodox now as everyone here."? (It's been known to happen with conversions to Catholicism, though of course it that case the sentence...
  8. PJ

    Religious Identity Accusations

    My apologies if there has already been a thread about RIAs. I've heard tons of them over the years, but I got to thinking about them today because of a few things I read (all on reputable websites) in the last 24 hours. These include accusations of Calvinists being Nestorian, Catholics being...
  9. PJ

    Forums and Patch Adams' "doctors"

    I recently watched Patch Adams (not for the first time, but for the first time in a long time). There's a speech in it on the topic of humanity and doctors: - abridged as per standard forum practice, full quote (and video) can be found on the net, e.g. here I think that scene's pretty...
  10. PJ

    Problematic objections to ECism ...

    Greetings all. I realize there have been numerous threads about Orthodox objections to Greek and Oriental Catholicism ... but I'm starting this thread because I hope to get some discussion going concerning the distinction between (1) objections to abuses (without getting deeply into this at the...
  11. PJ

    The world was saved by a teenager saying Yes to God.

    Hi all. Yesterday I caught a bit of a discussion about teenagers on EWTN, and this line caught my attention: "The world was saved by a teenager saying Yes to God." (I think my mind went blank for 2 or 3 seconds before grasping that "a teenager" meant St. Mary.) Granted, a few moments of TV...
  12. PJ

    Shrekking Toward Gomorrah

    Recently I saw Shrek the Musical. It brought back various memories (my recollection of the original Shrek (2001) was a lot rustier than my recollections of #2 and #3 -- I never saw #4) one of which was the article Shrekking Toward Gomorrah from the National Catholic Register. While I can't...
  13. PJ

    "nothing greater can be conceived"

    I realize that St. Anselm is already in another thread, but the topic I'm thinking of -- namely, St. Anselm's definition of God as "that than which nothing greater can be conceived" -- doesn't really fit that thread. I'm sure there's no shortage of stuff I could read on it; but what I'm looking...
  14. PJ

    Song: Only the good die young

    Does anyone really believe that Billy Joel's "Only the good die young" is not anti-Catholic?
  15. PJ

    What kid's shows do you like?

    What kid's shows do you like? (I worded the question broadly because some might like to mention shows they like their kids to watch, but which they personally find annoying.)
  16. PJ


    Hi all. Without getting into unimportant details, some things I listened to recently got me to thinking about the phenomenon of preachiness. For consideration: Is calling a talk preachy analogous to calling a song off-key? Is there a sense of preachiness being "too much"? And if so, how do you...
  17. PJ

    "Western, but not Western Rite"

    I recently heard (technically read) an Orthodox described as "hard core Western, but not Western Rite". This got me to thinking, is this (or a variation of it, perhaps without the "hard core" part) a commonly used phrase among Orthodox (perhaps among Orthodox who would wish to attend a WRO...
  18. PJ

    Star Trek versus Star Wars

    Stop trying to kid yourself, you know you want to make your voice heard on Star Trek and Star Wars. Which is better? Which is bigger? Which is more Catholic? Post now and get 30% off!
  19. PJ

    Protestants here ...

    Alright, I have a question for Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyters, Baptists, and Pentecostals. I participate on a certain electronic discussion-oriented service run by Catholics. Now, without meaning to put too fine a point on it, I have noticed that large numbers of protestants...
  20. PJ

    Miscellaneous fantasy/sci-fi

    Please note the word "Miscellaneous". (I don't want this to turn into a Star Wars thread, or a Narnia thread, or a Hobbit thread, etc., since those threads already exist.)