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  1. Ariend

    ROCOR Mandating Belief in Toll-houses?

    This is a rumor I've heard and I'm wondering if it's just something someone threw out there, or if this is something ROCOR is actually doing. The actual quote (from an Orthodox page on Instagram) is: "I just learned that Rocor synodically banned clerical argumentation on toll houses wtf"
  2. Ariend

    Religious Exemption for Vaccines No Longer Allowed Under GOARCH

    "Discussing the topic of the vaccination of the faithful, the hierarchs unanimously affirmed that the Church not only permits vaccinations against diseases (e.g. polio, smallpox), but that She encourages Her Faithful, after medical tests and approbations, to be vaccinated with the approved...
  3. Ariend

    Are Roman Catholic sacraments "valid"?

    To quote a priest from the GOARCH: Q: "Do Catholics have the real presence in the Eucharist?" Priest: "Absolutely. 100%. We recognize their Eucharistic sacrament as equal to ours. So, we are not not in Communion because we do not have the same Eucharistic theology; we are not in Communion for...
  4. Ariend

    The word "again" in the Creed

    In Antiochian Orthodox prayer books, part of the Creed goes: "...and on the third day He rose again, according to the Scripture..." What is the meaning of the word "again" in this translation of the Creed? I assume it doesn't mean that Jesus had risen from the dead previously. I also noticed the...
  5. Ariend


  6. Ariend

    Celebrating Great Feast Days on the Nearest Weekend

    Hi yall, is it canonical (under certain situations) for an Orthodox parish to celebrate great feast days on the nearest Sunday rather than on the day itself? And does it happen a lot? The thing that made me wonder this is the schedule of the Hakodate Orthodox Church in Japan, which is going to...
  7. Ariend

    Some Questions about Old Ritualist Practices

    I've admired the Old Ritualist (Old Believer) way of worship and prayer for some time now, particularly their attitude towards bows/prostrations. I have a few questions regarding the Old Rite, if anyone is knowledgeable about this: 1. How do Old Ritualists fold their arms in prayer? Do they...
  8. Ariend

    Is Holy Unction on Great Wednesday practiced everywhere?

    I recently heard that the anointing of the sick with Holy Unction on Great Wednesday is only done in churches from the Greek tradition. Is that true?
  9. Ariend

    Snyder's Justice League Soundtrack has inspiration from Valaam chants?

    When I watched the trailer for Snyder's Justice League, I couldn't help but think that the soundtrack at the beginning of the trailer is sung like a Valaam Monastery chant. Compare: I wonder if Zack Snyder and his composer actually took inspiration from the chants of Valaam Monastery, or if...
  10. Ariend

    For my Deacon

    Please pray for the deacon of my parish, who's been hospitalized with pneumonia and Coronavirus. His name is Elias.
  11. Ariend

    No singing in services?

    As undoubtedly a part of the precautions against Coronavirus, I saw a livestream from an Orthodox parish in Hawaii that served the Divine Liturgy, but there was no singing at all. The whole thing was just plain reading: both the priest and the few chanters were simply reading the Liturgy out...
  12. Ariend

    Troparion for Saint Joseph the Hesychast?

    Hi all, does anyone know the Troparion to Saint Joseph the Hesychast? Since his feast day is coming up I would like to pray it on that day
  13. Ariend

    Saint Sophrony Sakharov

    Hi all, I'm curious when the feast day of Archimandrite Sophrony (Sakharov) of Essex is? I assume it would be the date of his repose, July 11.
  14. Ariend

    Names for the Dormition of the Theotokos

    Hello all, I'm curious what someone's name would be if their name day fell on the Dormition of the Theotokos (August 15)? I'm also assuming their patron saint would be Mary the Theotokos.
  15. Ariend

    Russians commemorating recently canonized Greek Saints

    Hi all, In 2019, the Patriarchate of Constantinople canonized several people, including Elder Joseph the Hesychast of Mount Athos and Elder Sophrony of Essex. I am wondering, with the current schism in place, does the Russian Orthodox Church recognize these canonizations? i.e., would the Russian...
  16. Ariend

    Communion at a Russian Church

    Hi all! (Haven’t been here in a while) I was thinking about the Schism and how it affects Orthodox Christians in America, and I have a few questions. Do Russian Orthodox churches in America actively not offer sacraments to Greek Orthodox Christians? Likewise, do Russian Orthodox Christians...
  17. Ariend

    Baptist Baptisms

    I remember reading in Rock and Sand that, in general, we don't accept Baptist baptisms as valid because they reject infant baptism. Is this true? If so, is it true for all denominations that reject infant baptism?
  18. Ariend

    Happy Fourth of July!

    To all the Americans on here. I don't even know how many people here celebrate it.
  19. Ariend

    For My Neighbor

    I didn't talk with him much but he died unexpectedly while I was away in Europe. God rest his soul.
  20. Ariend

    "Converty" stuff

    I'm curious if there are any practices in churches with a lot of converts that don't happen in churches that don't have many converts, or vice versa. An example I heard in these forums was all the different greetings for different periods of the Liturgical Year "Christ is risen, Christ is born...