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    Big Prayer Request

    I have something rather special happening this weekend, and I would humbly ask you to pray for me, Robert, during your prayers. Thank you.
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    [New Feature]: Chat

    Back by popular demand, I've added in an Ajax Chat which is linked into the forum username database. http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/chat to access...use your forum username/password to enter. The bottom of the forum page will indicate whether or not there is anyone in the chat room...
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    All, I have a new version of the forum software running on http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/testforum I'd really appreciate it if a few folks would mind logging in there and testing things out, see how it works, and offer feedback as appropriate.  I'd especially like to extend the invite to...
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    True Theology vs Post-Enlightment Philosophies

    So the past year I've been reading a variety of modernist-esque writers:  Nietzsche, Freud, Darwin, Adam Smith, Kafka, etc. I've seen many a rebuttal come from Roman Catholic authors about the above personalities, but never from an Orthodox Christian author.  Where does our Church stand on...
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    Russia threatens Ukraine with missiles

    Russia has said it may target its missiles at Ukraine if its neighbour joins Nato and accepts the deployment of the US missile defence shield. Russian President Vladimir Putin made the comments in Moscow alongside Ukraine's President, Viktor Yushchenko. Mr Putin has condemned US plans to...
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    Official OC.Net Chess Tournament

    Hello all, I'd like to hold an official OrthodoxChristianity.net Chess Tournament during the month of January 2008. Please send an email to requick@gmail.com with the subject: Chess Tournament for me to enter you in on the roster.  Details will be forthcoming and I will put together playoff...
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    We need Moderators!!

    To OrthodoxChristianity.net Members: Through your participation, donations, feedback, and suggestions, OrthodoxChristianity.net has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent months (never mind the past few years!) To deal with our ever-increasing post volume, we are looking to recruit several...
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    Orthodoxchristianity.net Donation Drive

    To all members of OrthodoxChristianity.net, It's hard to believe that it's nearly the end of 2007 and that we're at our 5 year anniversary. It's amazing to have seen this site grow from its infancy into what it is today! So much has happened over the past 5 years too:  We've grown an extremely...
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    So maybe we've beaten a dead horse on this topic, but I can't recall via memory or search whether or not the specific question I have has been answered. If an Orthodox Christian has no desire for children whatsoever, does that mean he/she has no business getting married?  Robert
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    New Discussion Venues

    Hi all, In an effort to expand discussion, we've created a new board known as the Orthodox-Other Christian discussion forum. We've consolidated the Orthodox-Catholic discussion, which will remain the same, under this new Orthodox-Other Christian heading.  In addition, we've created a new board...
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    Server Move

    Hi all, The long awaited server move is going to be taking place tonight.  Over the course of the weekend you may notice sporadic access to OC.net.  Please be advised that this is temporary and part of the pain in switching over our hosting provider. Also know that we've finally invested in...
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    The search engine is very CPU intensive on the server, due to the indexing and search retrieval methods used. Since we're not exactly purchasing world-class webhosting, searchs (especially a few done at the same time) will occasionally run our CPU quota temporarily over, which will yield either...
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    ROCOR Reunion Redux

    Hi all, The very nature of this post may spur discussion that denigrates into a thread more apt for Free-For-All or maybe even the politics board....but we'll see where this goes. Given the climate of current events in Russia with Putin, especially the claims of many that he is taking the...
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    Permanency of Priesthood

    I rarely post such questions here, but here goes: The Latin church believes in the permanency of the priesthood.  Therefore, if a priest were to be deposed/excommunicated, he could be stripped of his function, but he still inherently remains a priest and can confect sacraments. The Orthodox...
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    Ignore User Feature

    Hi, I have added a feature in that will allow you to "ignore" certain users.  Just click on your Profile button on the top and click on the "Ignore user options" button onthe left side.  You can add in user names at will. Enjoy. Robert
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    The spell check

    Yea, who likes the spell checking?
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    Who's on facebook??

    Add me!! Post your link here.
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    More Nativity Messages

    Christmas Epistle Of His Eminence, Metropolitan Valentine, of Suzdal and Vladimir, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. My beloved brethren in the Lord, Archpastors and Pastors, Right Honorable Monastics, Brothers and Sisters, beloved of God! “Christ is born, praise Him, Christ...
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    Another Nativity Message

    Church of the T.O.C. of Greece F E S T A L M E S S A G E Of His Beatitude Archbishop kyk kyr NIKOLAOS to the True Orthodox Christians Wherever They May Be. HOLY NATIVITY, 2006 Children Beloved in the Lord: Today on the 25th of December, we once again celebrate the Incarnation of our Lord and...