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  1. LizaSymonenko

    "Midnight Mass" on Netflix

    Has anyone watched this show? I saw it on Netflix homescreen, but, avoided watching it until I had heard my niece was watching. I always worry what the kids these days absorb. They are so malleable as young adults... so, I dived in... and watched.... the whole thing.... At first, I was kind...
  2. LizaSymonenko

    "Man of God" - Movie about St. Nektarios

    This movie premiered yesterday via an online event. Did anyone else watch it? It made me sad, to see how a good person was so maligned and slandered... although I realize it still happens today. However, the saints faith, kindness and forgiveness moved me. May St. Nektarios intercede for us all.
  3. LizaSymonenko

    Prayers for Archbishop Daniel

    His Eminence is in hospital. Please keep him in your prayers. Lord, grant Vladyka a speedy and complete recovery. Господи помилуй!
  4. LizaSymonenko

    End Times - Holy Spirit

    There is a woman I know who seems very preoccupied with the End Times. She even has dreams which she interprets to represent various signs warning of the "end". While I feel for her, because she is so worried about it, I kindly listen to her and nod... because nothing she has said has actually...
  5. LizaSymonenko

    Commemorating pre-ordination name

    I was posed a question today to which I thought I knew the answer... Let's say we are celebrating the Feast Day of St. George. A boy is born and baptized as George. Later in life he gets tonsured as a priest-monk (Hieromonk) with the name of Luke. He is now known as Father Luke... and...
  6. LizaSymonenko

    Virtual ZOOM VBS

    Due to isolation, this year's VBS won't be limited by location, as it will take place over ZOOM.  This allows it to have a wider audience! Topic is "Isolation"... and will focus on relating our current situation with other similar situations that had a deeper purpose - Noah isolated on his Ark...
  7. LizaSymonenko

    My niece/goddaughter was on the NEWS yesterday for her charitable activities

    My goddaughter and niece, Lily, was featured on the NEWS yesterday. https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/local/2020/04/29/rochester-teenager-gives-back-to-health-care-workers-on-her-birthday/?fbclid=IwAR23u0ns_xrvV560hrYs-bOvkcTqQSzO5Cb9NvFwYTwbMMmcwLhsolPaDqw For her 17th birthday... she...
  8. LizaSymonenko

    Prayer in time of Coronavirus

    This was published by my hierarchs, of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA. The prayer is to be read during the Liturgy of Fervent Supplication during all services until the issue fades... ...and read at home by the laity.  We have added it to our 10 PM daily Evening Prayers.
  9. LizaSymonenko

    Prayer read during Pentecost... in the Slavic Tradition...

    I am looking for the English wording of a prayer that I have in Ukrainian. As close as I've been able to deduce, I believe it is a prayer read by the priest on Pentecost... "after" the Kneeling Prayers... that the Greeks have dropped. I could translate it... but, it would be choppy... and I...
  10. LizaSymonenko

    Ukrainian Autocephaly - Town Hall

    Join now. Don't use the toll-free number.  It's filled with survey and advertisements.... and then hangs up before connecting to the meeting.
  11. LizaSymonenko

    Suicide Hotline

    I am looking for a number to publish in an Orthodox context. In the last year, I've been made aware of 7 suicides.  Most were schoolmates of my nieces and nephews, but, a couple were young Orthodox faithful.  One girl was not able to get over her boyfriend leaving her, the other wasn't able to...
  12. LizaSymonenko

    Fr. Bazyl

    I ask for prayers for the soul of Fr. Bazyl Zawierucha, who reposed in the Lord yesterday. Father Bazyl was a wonderful priest - full of wisdom and wit.  He was a walking "Rudder"...and he lived the Faith through his words and actions.  He was kind and compassionate and a consummate gentleman -...
  13. LizaSymonenko

    Prayers for Jory

    Jory is not Orthodox.  In fact, I do not know what Faith, if any, he adheres to....but please remember him in your daily prayers. He is a young man who has overdosed...and has been comatose for six weeks, with very little hope (practically none) of survival. However, I believe in the power of...
  14. LizaSymonenko

    Please give a warm welcome to our newest Moderator

    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the newest addition to our Moderator Team Upon username!'s retirement, ANTONIS, has kindly accepted the responsibility of moderating the Orthodox-Catholic Forum. May the Lord bless our new moderator..and may all of you treat him well. AXIOS! ...
  15. LizaSymonenko

    Monastery of the Holy Martyrs

    Is anyone familiar with this monastery? https://syriacmonastery.org
  16. LizaSymonenko

    Prayers for healing of Svitlana and Mykhaylo

    I have been asked to ask all you kind individuals for prayers on behalf of Svitlana (who is battling a serious infection), Mykhaylo (diagnosed with cancer) and Bohdan (recovering from cancer), Oksana, and Oksana. All are Orthodox Christians. May the Lord grant each one of them a speedy and...
  17. LizaSymonenko

    Food offered to pagan gods

    Today my Indian coworker is celebrating "New Year". He is a very kind and generous man.  He often purchases snacks and drinks for the office, and leaves it all out for anyone to enjoy.  He is most gracious...and often will bring Indian food for us to taste and experience. Today he mentioned he...
  18. LizaSymonenko

    Prayer for Fr. Bazyl

    Please remember Fr. Bazyl in your prayers.  He has recently been diagnosed with a rather serious condition and will undergo surgery next week. He's a super Orthodox priest...knowledgeable, wise, with integrity to safeguard the Faith and not sugarcoat things. He is a great asset to the Church...
  19. LizaSymonenko

    Please pray for Robert who attempted suicide

    Please pray for Bob who finds himself in a very dark place...ridden with guilt...and cannot seem to realize there is always hope. He is RC, and was slowly finding his way back to God after a long spiraling downfall. Without God's assistance, he will not be able to shake the demon...
  20. LizaSymonenko

    ...an apparition.

    I spoke with a friend of mine just now. He shared with me a story of a recent visit to a monastery in the hills, in a holy place. Most of the pilgrims went ahead, up the mountainside to the church at the top, while he remained behind.  It was a long hike up the hill, and he was tired.  It was...