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  1. Christos3

    Antiochian, OCA, GOA

    We might relocate to an area where the closest church is Antiochian. Is there any difference between the Antiochians and OCA? We have also been apart of a GOA parish.
  2. Christos3

    Every series on Netflix...

    Seems to have on character "coming out." It's so prevalent, so cliché my wife and I now takes guesses as to who will be gay by episode five. I got so fed up by the forced storylines, I decided to try Anne with an E. It takes place in Nowhere Canada in the early 1900's. The story revolves around...
  3. Christos3

    Sojourner, Theosis in today's world.

    Is it possible to be a Sojourner and/or reach Theosis as an everyday person? If not, what would it require? Disengage from the world? Fasting, Prayer, Church, scriptures 24/7? I have glimpse of being a Sojourner after leaving Divine Liturgy, but come Monday it's back in the quick sand.
  4. Christos3

    Ancient Faith Radio (AFR) Podcasts

    Yesterday they had a very good and rational podcast on the covid vaccines. The discussion was on the 'Spirit of Saint Tikhon's podcast with Fr. John Parker. His guest was Dr. Ryan Nash, MD, MA and an Orthodox Christian. I have also enjoyed listening to "The Lord of Spirits" podcast too.
  5. Christos3

    Baptism Question

    My wife's niece had a child out of wedlock, the child is close to 6 months old. I doubt she will take it upon her self and have the child baptized. They plan to visit us in September, prior to coming I would like to see if she would like to have the child baptized. If she said yes, do you think...
  6. Christos3

    Numerous churches recently burned and/or vandalized in Canada

    This thread was split from Christian News. The original thread can be found here. --Ainnir The terrorists have vandalized and/or burned 45 churches. Interesting article. My worry is evil ideas are like a cancer and can metastasize around the world. It's only a matter of time before this...
  7. Christos3

    Christian Businesses

    Are you more likely to be a customer of a business that "advertises" they are Christian owned? I see many contractors that use the fish symbol in their ads or on their trucks. I see some businesses that advertise in Christian business directories. At times I feel that these businesses are...
  8. Christos3

    Group Prayer with Non-Orthodox

    I belong to an exercise group that after each session one of us will say a prayer. I have done this several times, never feeling comfortable with it. My turn is in the next week or so, and not looking forward to it. I'm the only Orthodox Christian. The group is made up of mostly Baptists and...
  9. Christos3

    Fasting prior to Communion

    The only struggle I have with fasting is not having coffee. Terrible to be controlled by something that tastes so awful.
  10. Christos3

    Sigh. Another Non-Denominational Church...

    in town and growing. Meanwhile, we, like every Orthodox church is in the slow growth mode. Any ideas on how to grow the church?
  11. Christos3

    The Emergent/Submerging Church Documentary

    I watched part of this documentary on how dangerous the Emergent and Purpose Drive churches are. I never paid attention to them, but now find that the so called preachers and leaders are reckless and leading their followers astray (to put it mildly). The documentary is on Prime, but you can...
  12. Christos3

    Holy Land Travel for Orthodox Christians

    We are hoping to go to the Holy Land in 2022. All the tours seem to be geared towards protestants and Catholics. I have no desire to get baptized in the Jordan river. Any recommendations for tour companies that work with Orthodox Christians? After this tour we would like to take a Footsteps of...
  13. Christos3

    Netflix Series "Ottoman"

    Just finished the series Ottoman. It's about the siege on Constantinople by Mehmet. Even though it was written and directed by a Turk it was pretty good, until the end (they conveniently left out the atrocities they committed on the people once they took Constantinople. I wish someone would...
  14. Christos3

    Non-Denominational Bible Study Group

    Last month I attended an Men's Bible study group. No surprise, I was the only Orthodox Christian in attendance. The rest of the group was made up of Baptists, Lutheran, Catholic and Non-denominational. I found the environment very strange. I am impressed how they can recite chapter and verse...
  15. Christos3

    Attending a Homosexual union?

    I really do not want to attend the union, but all my family from around the country is going to the event. So really bothered that I will miss the opportunity for the family reunion. I thought about showing up for before and after, but that is awkward and can only make matters worse. Anyway...
  16. Christos3

    When an agnostic dies

    My friend's father is very sick, and likely won't make it past this weekend. I asked if his father's priest has seen him, he said his father doesn't have a priest. His father is not a religious man. I asked how will they handle the funeral service. He said, his father doesn't want a funeral...
  17. Christos3

    For those that live far from church

    Sadly, due to distance, we can only make it to Divine Liturgy during the week. Once in awhile we can make it to a social event, but those events are difficult because we don't really know anyone. Same goes for our children. So I was thinking about starting a weekly bible reading for the half...
  18. Christos3


    I went to a funeral last week at a non-denominational Christian church. All I can say is that I am so blessed to be an Orthodox Christian. I found the funeral to be lacking of any spirituality, no prayers for the soul of the departed, nothing. I was upset, not because of the loss of this person...
  19. Christos3

    Been noticing more NFL players "Crossing" themselves lately

    I've noticed Troy Palomautu (sp?) safety for the Steelers, a Greek Orthodox convert, cross himself prior to almost every play. I noticed another Steeler (Punt Returner) crossing himself as well. RG3 , QB for the Washington Redskins, Crosses himself prior to coming on the field of play Justin...
  20. Christos3

    Prison Ministry

    I have been thinking about joining the prison ministry. However, I do have a question. Do you think the Lord was referring to the worst of the worst (murderers, robbers, rapists)  when he said to visit those in prison or those that are in prison due to religious persecution?