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  1. LukeDM

    Church Architecture in America

    It seems like in America, we have difficulty replicating good Orthodox architecture. However, sometimes I see churches here in America which do a wonderful job of portraying the faith through architecture. What's especially impressive to me is when I see a church build a beautiful temple without...
  2. LukeDM

    Pope Francis Confident in Unity with Orthodoxy

    https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/pope-francis-tells-orthodox-leader-i-am-confident-we-will-achieve-full-unity-36072 Quite the statement. Can anyone recall any other popes making such a claim?
  3. LukeDM

    New Georgian Orthodox Monastery in Oklahoma

    https://orthochristian.com/135726.html Glory to God! Oklahoma has been in need of an Orthodox monastery for some time. My prayers that they are able to thrive here. Will be interesting to see how they reconfigure the church.
  4. LukeDM

    Looking for updated pics of St. Savas church in Belgrade

    I've been enthusiastically following the progress of the interior of St. Savas. It just seems to be such a poignant expression of Orthodoxy's perseverance in the face of persecution and political violence. Does anyone know of a source where the latest progress pics are posted? The most recent...
  5. LukeDM

    Draft-documents of the Pan-Orthodox Council Published

    Some of the draft-documents of the Pan-Orthodox Council have been published. Six days ago, nonetheless! I'm surprised nobody's posted about it in the News Forum yet. You guys need to step up your game. The Importance of Fasting and its Observance Today...