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    Definition Of Cursing

    I'm wondering if there is already some baseline definition of cursing out there that I can work with, ideally from saint or council. I looked at some old threads, but they generally devolved, went off topic, etc. I do not want a definition that involves cussing (eg, someone saying they're...
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    Any Resurrections By St John?

    As part of a typological study, the question came up as to whether St John The Forerunner had participated in the resurrection of anyone else from the dead. Does this type of story occur in any Orthodox (or even Orthodox-adjacent) narratives, particularly in the early Church? Thanks!
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    Most Detailed Theology Of Virginity

    I'm fairly familiar with the Patristic teachings on marriage, but was looking to enhance my understanding of the theology behind a life of virginity. Apart from (modern) books read years ago and snippets spread throughout other studies, I just got through reading a more formal treatise on the...
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    James Webb Space Telescope Launch, Deployment, And Science!

    Christ Is Born! Today is not just the celebration of our Savior's Birth, but (hopefully) the long-awaited, and long-delayed, day of the James Webb Space Telescope launch. Barring any last-minute issues with the European Ariane 5 rocket or the tropical weather, the JWST is expected to launch...
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    Use Of ἐπιμελέομαι Outside Patristics

    I'm trying to learn more about the word ἐπιμελέομαι in non-Orthodox contexts, but pretty much all my searches are turning up Bible commentaries (it's used only 3 times in the NT). Can anyone point out some places in the wider Greek corpus where this is used, particularly with enough context to...
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    Meaning Of Hypostasis For OO

    As a precursor to some questions I have for EO, I wanted to come here and ask about the OO understanding of hypostasis...outside Jesus Christ. I was reading an old thread and there was a post stating that the Severian understanding of hypostasis is that it is any individuation of anything...
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    Was "Spiritual Fatherhood" A Thing Before Modern Times?

    I've already gone through some basic searches, plus the quote threads pinned here on the forum, but have turned up nothing. I'm looking for quotes directly about a "spiritual father" before about the 17th century—and specifically the modernistic notion (not godfather, the clergy who baptized...
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    Meaning Of Φίλαυτος

    As far as I am aware, pride is ὑπερηφανία. But I recently came across someone translating φίλαυτος (self-love) as pride. Are there more technical definitions of φίλαυτος available (eg, is it considered a passion, a sin, what?), are there any other similar Greek terms that may also be translated...
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    Is The Church A Spiritual Hospital?

    A particularly popular idea that I see repeated constantly is the idea of churches as spiritual hospitals. There is a plethora of material about this topic from the last few decades, especially from 2 or 3 big Eastern Orthodox names, but looking further back I found...very little. For instance...
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    Hermeneutic For The Sermon On The Mount

    I'm aware of the general patristic interpretations on the Sermon On The Mount (Matthew 5–7), but I am looking for more detail as to *how* each particular teaching is grouped and understood. For example, the famous segment about eye plucking and hand chopping (5.29–30) is understood figuratively...
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    What Is Unique About Church?

    The bigger question that I'd like to ask is deceptively simple: what is church? But, since that is very much "loaded"— there appear to be multiple ways that "church" is used throughout Scripture and the Fathers, plus such answers would likely lead to large blocks of narrative text which would...
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    Life Confession

    As stated in the prayer forum, I am getting baptized and chrismated Saturday, and therefore I need to do a life confession. I recall a thread on this before, but I simply cannot find it after searching! I also tried Google, and got nothing. So, can someone please provide resources and/or an...
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    Prayers for Everything

    Well, I sort of dropped off the forum over the last week or so in May, so I will give a little explantion. My brother (Meekle) and I were both very sick, and had to be rushed to the ER. Both of us got 4 bags of saline and other meds IV'ed into us. Later we found out that a Protestant minister...
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    Western Rite Justification

    Let me start out first by saying that I am greatly in favor of having a Western Rite in Orthodoxy. I speak Latin, have an intense devotion to some pre-Schism western Saints, and so forth. However, I am seeing some inconsistencies, and I am not sure if all them have been addressed before...
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    State of Marriage in Heaven

    What exactly is the state of marriage in Heaven? Jesus speaks of everyone living as the angels, yet He also speaks of it being a bond that God has made, and that should never be broken.
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    Hurting Others

    Ok, I have a hypothetical situation (and this has absolutely nothng to do with current, or historical, events). An Orthodox country exists with a powerful army. Another state, regardless of internal affairs, is attacking other states simply for monetary gain, assertion of power, and pride. Is...
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    New Study on Prayer

    There has just been a new study on prayer, and I thought it very interesting! http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/03/30/AR2006033000902.html The gist of the study is that after praying for 1,800 heart patients, Catholic and Protestant prayers did nothing. In one group...
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    The Tree of Life

    Is it proper to say that the Cross is the new Tree of Life? Just as the old Tree bore fruit that gave eternal life, so the Cross bears the Body of Jesus, which is real food and also gives eternal life. Is it even possible that the "old" Tree of Life was the Cross as well, Jesus' sacrifice being...
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    "Love your neighbor as yourself" article

    There was a very amazing article, about an Orthodox priest(?) who had a talk with a rabbi on the verse "Love your neighbor as yourself." The rabbi went to talk about how this verse it often butchered and taken to mean "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." He went on to speak in more detail...
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    Website Errors: Overused CPU

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