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  1. Iconodule

    Archbishop of Cyprus caught up in Malaysian financial/political scandal

    https://www.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/3036433/cypriot-bishop-denies-pushing-jho-low-get-eu-passport For those not familiar with the 1MDB scandal, it's been a pretty big deal and played a major role in the 2018 elections in Malaysia. 
  2. Iconodule

    That All Shall Be Saved

    Since several people have mentioned that they are reading, or about to read, David Bentley Hart's That All Shall Be Saved, I thought it would be worth its own thread. I myself just got it over the weekend and am a few pages in.
  3. Iconodule

    Patriarch Bartholomew to be the next Dalai Lama?

    I recently thought I heard someone saying somewhere how the Dalai Lama has pledged that, when he dies, he will transfer his consciousness to Patriarch Bartholomew, effectively making them one person, and uniting the Church of Constantinople and the Geluk school of Tibetan Buddhism, and that...
  4. Iconodule

    DBH on divorce, annulments, remarriage

    Lots of excellent stuff in this article. This part stood out for me:
  5. Iconodule

    Romfea: Primates gathering in Cyprus to discuss Ukraine

    Romfea reports that the patriarchs of Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem are meeting, together with the Archbishop of Cyprus, at the latter's invitation, to discuss the various issues regarding Ukraine. They're expected to release a joint statement later. Of course one has to hope that...
  6. Iconodule

    OCU establishes parish in Slovenia

    https://www.kyivpost.com/ukraine-politics/orthodox-church-of-ukraine-opens-in-slovenia.html Call to mind that the tomos issued to the OCU by the Ecumenical Patriarchate explicitly restricts the OCU to the state of Ukraine:
  7. Iconodule

    Water Margin podcast

    The Water Margin AKA Outlaws of the Marsh is one of China's four classic novels and a seed of wuxia literature and a kajillion kung fu movies and video games. It's got swordplay, sorcery, demons, superheroes, and lots of drinking. I just found this podcast where it is retold in a fun...
  8. Iconodule

    What is Antidoron and What is Its Origin and Meaning?

    A nice little article about antidoron and how the practice has developed over time: https://blog.obitel-minsk.com/2019/02/what-is-antidoron-and-what-is-its-origin-and-meaning.html
  9. Iconodule

    Mother of the Light: Prayers to the Theotokos

    A new prayer book coming out from New Rome Press in April. Their Orthodox Prayer Book is beautifully made so I expect this will be quite nice. https://www.newromepress.com/products/mother-of-the-light-1
  10. Iconodule

    Electronic Music

    A thread for discussing your favorite electronic music. I recognize that it's a very, very broad label but if it can be plausibly be placed in the wide stream flowing from Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre, etc then it's fair game. Lately I've been listening to a lot of this...
  11. Iconodule

    EP: "No point in a pan-Orthodox meeting, since we would just disagree"

    Patriarch Bartholomew has publicly responded to the Church of Antioch's request for a pan-Orthodox meeting to discuss the dispute over Ukraine. Evidently the only worthwhile meetings are ones where agreement is pre-determined. Read the rest here...
  12. Iconodule

    Athonites: Hellenism and the EP have the Primacy in Orthodoxy

  13. Iconodule

    Pray for me

    God knows why. Thank you.
  14. Iconodule

    Historic unions of EO with the Armenians

    Some tantalizing incidents came to my attention, of which I can find only scattered and vague online information: 1. Supposedly, in 1885 or 1886 a decision was taken by the EO Church of Constantinople for intercommunion with Armenians, recognizing their priesthood and sacraments. Whether this...
  15. Iconodule

    When Andrew Reigned Alone on the Earth: Ecclesial implications of the Tomos

    The editor of Orthodoxy in Dialogue asked me to write an article on the implications of the Ukrainian tomos for the Ecumenical Patriarchate's role in world orthodoxy. You can read it here.
  16. Iconodule

    Moscow Embraces Schism

  17. Iconodule

    Notes on Arab Orthodoxy: Does Constantinople reject the "Council of Crete"?

    http://araborthodoxy.blogspot.com/2018/12/jad-ganem-does-constantinople-reject.html I have shortened the qutation, since posting the whole article is against the rules. Dominika, GM
  18. Iconodule

    Fr. John Behr's translation of Origen's On First Principles

    For those of you with $200 lying about, Fr. John Behr has published a new translation of Origen's On First Principles. You can read a review of it here.
  19. Iconodule

    Abp. Job Getcha to the BBC: "We hope Moscow will turn to reason"

    On BBC Russian, an interesting interview with Archbishop Job of Telmessos. Some parts that struck me: If Patriarch Bartholomew were offended by Patriarch Kirill, he could according to the canons impose some canonical punishment on him for not having come to the Holy and Great Council...
  20. Iconodule

    New book about the Georgian-Armenian schism

    For anyone with $123 lying around, this sounds interesting: http://easternchristianbooks.blogspot.com/2018/10/georgian-and-armenian-memories-of.html