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    Name day questions

    Hello! We recently started attending a ROCOR church after leaving our OCA church. Now that we’re using the Old Calendar, I’m trying to figure out namedays for everyone! I have searched the internet, and keep coming up with different days. Could a ROCOR person help me out? We have: St. Irene...
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    Baptism and chrismation

    Today me, my husband, and son were baptized and chrismated!  I wondered if this day would ever come, but it finally did!  Glory to God!
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    skirts and prostrations :)

    To all the ladies on here (and any attentive husbands): Any tips on not falling over when you stand up during prostrations?  I always seem to step on my skirt while standing back up, thus preventing me to stand up, and causing near collapse!  I feel like this should be common sense, but I guess...
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    first Orthodox Christmas

    This will be the first Christmas we celebrate on our journey to Orthodoxy.  I have a few questions... On past Christmases, we would sometimes go to Mass on Christmas Eve, followed by a big get-together for the whole extended family at someone's house (not only is it Christmas Eve, but my...
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    talk to a priest about anything/everything?

    The priest I've come to know well is on sabbatical.  I have met briefly with another priest at Church, and find him very approachable.  My question is, to what extent, as an inquirer, do I bring my personal problems to him?  We are trying to decide if we should have another child, and I am very...
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    question about end of Liturgy

    We have been going to Divine Liturgy for several months now, and I have a question about the end of Liturgy.  When the priest calls people up that are celebrating a birthday, traveling, etc., do only Orthodox go up, or can anyone?  We will be traveling for Christmas, and would it be appropriate...
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    for our Priest

    Please keep our Priest, Fr. Peter, in your prayers.  He was just diagnosed with skin cancer.  They are very optimistic that this will be quickly treated, and cured, since they caught it early.  Thank you, Lindsay
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    another headcovering question

    I have a question about women covering their heads that I haven't been able to find the answer to.  I just emailed my priest to set up another meeting, but in the meantime I figured I'd post this question to all of you!  I'm an inquirer to Orthodoxy, and have been reading a lot about the...
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    converting without my husband

    I am so happy to have found this website!  Recently I have been called to investigate Orthodox Christianity.  I was baptized RC, but didn't grow up in the Church.  After the birth of our son, (a miracle at 1lb 1oz!), I needed a relationship with God.  My husband has never been religious, and...