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  1. HaydenTE

    For the Republic of the United States

    Lord, have mercy.
  2. HaydenTE

    Moving Pascha?

    I received a Coronavirus update email today from the OCA cathedral in Toledo and it contained  this curious statement: Does anyone else know of anything similar being planned elsewhere? Is there a precedent for this? Note: the cathedral still intendeds to livestream an abbreviated set of...
  3. HaydenTE

    Entering majority. Any advice?

    Today I became a legal adult, at least as far as the United States is concerned. As I begin my journey through “adult life,” I turn to the venerable wisdoms of OC.net for advice. So have out with it.
  4. HaydenTE

    Inexplicable...gesture...in icon

    I purchased an icon of the Theotokos "the healer" today. It seemed to me to be a nice icon portraying her protection and intercession. That said, I discovered a few hours later that her right hand, rather than being empty, as I had first surmised, was holding her nude breast. Google searches...
  5. HaydenTE

    For Jensen and Alexia

    Friends of mine whom I am worried about. Lord, have mercy!
  6. HaydenTE

    Church Animal Stories

    For the past few Sundays there has been a stray cat loitering around in front of church. I hadn't payed him much mind until today, when it was discovered that he sat just outside the doors (which are glass) looking in at the Liturgy. When the deacon incensed the narthex, the cat bowed his head...
  7. HaydenTE

    Can anyone identify this plant?

    I can't seem to find anything by googling "plant with bulbous base"
  8. HaydenTE

    Uncle has passed

    My Uncle Tim passed away from stomach cancer this morning. His funeral will be on Friday. Please pray for his soul and us left behind. The weeks before his death lead to some terrible argument between family members. Pray that we can heal and live in unity.
  9. HaydenTE

    Can the Theotokos tell God what to do?

    I was reading a blog on the subject of iconography, which included this line. Initially I thought to dismiss it, as the blog is written by someone with a very secular worldview, and who often misrepresents what Christians believe. However, I must admit the concept has some merit. Mary, both in...
  10. HaydenTE

    Is it appropriate for me to wear a cross?

    I currently am an inquirer who is currently attending classes at the local OCA Cathedral that will likely result in my becoming a catechumen soon. I have been doing my best to make it to every Vespers and Divine Liturgy but due to my age (15), I am reliant on my parents for a ride to church. I...
  11. HaydenTE

    Uncle Has Cancer

    I found out yesterday that one of my uncles almost certainly has cancer. The doctor is not certain where in the body the cancer originated, but judging by the symptoms it's believed that the cancer has progressed very far. My uncle has asked that we pray his favorite psalm, Psalm 27, (Psalm 26...
  12. HaydenTE

    Need Help Translating an Icon's Text

    I've recently ordered an icon of the Prophet Moses, and I'd like to know what's written on the scroll hanging over his arm. If anyone could translate, I'd be much obliged.