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  1. J Michael

    Author Jim Forest has fallen asleep in the Lord.

    Jim Forest is one of my favorite contemporary Christian authors. He was a prolific writer, advocate for peace, founding editor of "In Communion". For more about him, if you don't already know, see https://incommunion.org/2004/10/14/jim-forest-bio/ And for a list of his books...
  2. J Michael

    For Fr. Armando

    Our associate pastor, Fr. Armando, was admitted to hospital today for Covid complications. Please find it in your hearts to offer a prayer for his recovery. Thank you! O Christ, Who alone art our Defender: Visit and heal Thy suffering servant, Fr. Armando, delivering him from sickness and...
  3. J Michael

    Ghislaine Maxwell.....GUILTY!!

    A small victory for victims of sexual abuse and trafficking. https://www.foxnews.com/us/ghislaine-maxwell-trial
  4. J Michael

    "COVID-19 Mass Formation Psychosis"

    Some good information here, with a 13 minute video at the end. https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/dr-robert-malone-covid-19-mass-formation-psychosis
  5. J Michael

    Communion Spoons & Covid

    I'm curious to know what y'all's parishes do for the serving and reception of Holy Communion during the pandemic. Do you use a common spoon as was....common... prior to Covid? Or do you use individual spoons for each communicant? If the latter, what are they made of and how are they disposed...
  6. J Michael

    Theology of Icons--Recommendations?

    I'm looking for a good, easy to read book on the theology of icons, preferably one for simple minds like mine and that isn't too expensive. Any recommendations? Thanks!!!
  7. J Michael

    Covid Vaccine Breakthrough Info by Dr. Peter McCullough

    A fascinating, hour long interview with Dr. McCullough. McCullough is a grey-haired professor with 600 published papers and a former editor of a medical journal. He says almost no one who gets multi-drug treatment as an outpatient ends up in the hospital. Some notes made by another poster on...
  8. J Michael

    "The Orthodox view on marriage (and divorce) contradicts the teaching of Christ..." Please discuss.

    This was claimed by someone on another (Catholic) board. If there are already threads specifically discussing the Orthodox view of marriage and divorce, my apologies--feel free to direct me to them :). And...if this should be moved to Orthodox/Catholic discussion, moderators please do so. By...
  9. J Michael

    Books on the parables of Christ?

    I'm looking for a book or books that deal specifically with the Parables of Christ and their interpretation--from the Orthodox perspective. I've read Bp. Dmitri Royster's book years ago and found it dry and boring. Is there anything else out there?? Thanks!!
  10. J Michael

    EC vs. OC

    You could always consider the Eastern Catholic Church. But then....it's still "Catholic" and under the authority of Rome, though many EC's pretty much just ignore Rome and the Pope. To your original question, though--If you leave the Catholic Church for the OC, you are, as far as the Catholics...
  11. J Michael

    St. Ignatius Brianchaninov

    Has anyone read this: The Field: Cultivating Salvation by St. Ignatius Brianchaninov ? If so, what did you think of it? I ask because I'm considering buying the Kindle version and want to get as much feedback about it as possible before I spend the $$. Thanks!
  12. J Michael

    Corona Virus Vaccine Poll

    Just curious....:)
  13. J Michael

    Scripture, literally?

    This is something that has rattled around in my mind for quite some time and I don't seem able to really come to grips with it.  How much of Scripture (and, for that matter, too, the writings of the Holy Fathers), and which parts of it, are we to take literally?  And how much (and which parts)...
  14. J Michael

    Question about Psalm 50/51

    Can anyone explain to me the apparent contradiction in the two differently highlighted portions of this wonderful psalm? First the psalmist has God taking no delight in sacrifice, etc.,  but then goes on to, well...it's right there in the text. Thoughts, comments, clarification??
  15. J Michael

    For the repose of the soul of Joseph Garber

    Please pray for the repose of the soul of my father-in-law, Joseph Garber, who fell asleep in the Lord this morning.  He was 88 years old, and a very proud veteran of WWII. May his memory be eternal!
  16. J Michael

    Server issues??

    Is it just me, or is OC.net having recurring server/connectivity issues today?
  17. J Michael

    "The Soul's Journey After Death"

    Please forgive my ignorance, but how much of what is expressed here reflects mainstream Orthodox dogma or doctrine?
  18. J Michael

    Hiding on OC.net

    Since I've been on OC.net, I've repeatedly seen a phenomenon I can't figure out.  Sometimes posters will be shown as "1 hidden" or "2 hidden" or whatever.  Other times I've noticed that there are posters who post and it NEVER shows them as even being online.  Can anyone explain this to me?  And...
  19. J Michael

    Advice on Transcending Cool

    It has been stated elsewhere, quite truthfully I hasten to admit, that Mor Ephrem trancsends cool.  If anyone, especially Mor, has advice on how this can be accomplished, please post in this thread.
  20. J Michael

    A better Board?

    There are some posters, well...at least one anyway, who think that this board is "bad".  So, okay....what's bad about it, and what would you do to make it better, if you think it *is* bad?