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  1. Nephi

    Trying to become active again after a long lapse.

    Hey all, some of you may still remember me. I haven't really been active on here at all these past few years, but I used to be at one point. This post might be a little long. Anyway, back in early-mid 2014 I was the most active in the faith that I'd ever been. I went to almost every service...
  2. Nephi

    Pokemon Go

    Anyone else here playing Pokemon Go? Team Mystic here, only level 8 so far though.
  3. Nephi

    Ohio ISIS supporter plead guilty, planned to carry out attacks.

    This is only like 20 minutes from where I live - there's a big Muslim population and mosque in West Chester (which I visited for class a few years back if anyone remembers me posting pictures from that). But geez, this was really close to home and makes me not like that I work right next door...
  4. Nephi

    Fraternal Organzations

    Note: I don't really intend this thread to be about freemasonry, as that topic's old hat. So what fraternal organizations, both inside and outside of the Church, are you guys members of? I'm in the process of joining the Sons of the American Revolution myself, which is just a fraternal...
  5. Nephi

    MOVED: Thousands dead in Boko Haram raids, Nigeria

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  6. Nephi

    MOVED: New here

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  7. Nephi

    Interviewed for a new job today

    I interviewed for a new job making more than twice what I do now that could lead into a career. Went really well and chances are high but we need this, so I would appreciate any and all prayers.
  8. Nephi

    MOVED: Ask anything about the Amish or Mennonites

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  9. Nephi

    MOVED: I gave up my faith.

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  10. Nephi

    MOVED: Coptic Epitrachelion/Badrashil

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  11. Nephi

    MOVED: Significance of charms on baptism pin? (Greek orthodox)

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  12. Nephi

    MOVED: Jehowah's Witness and their use of the eldery to Evangelize

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  13. Nephi

    MOVED: I was wondering . . .

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  14. Nephi

    In what forms did autonomy/autocephaly exist in the West if at all?

    I've gathered, from my reading in various unrelated contexts, that the churches in Western Europe interestingly ranged in their autonomy from Rome, with some churches appearing almost completely independent (except maybe for the elevation of their primates?). It just seems that, like the East...
  15. Nephi

    MOVED: The saints of the British Isles

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  16. Nephi

    MOVED: Is my preference towards women and Orthodoxy compatible?

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  17. Nephi

    MOVED: So What's a Good First Gun?

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  18. Nephi

    MOVED: Should a Christian Drink?

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  19. Nephi

    Any ties between the Annunciation and Theophany?

    Are there any hymnographic, or otherwise, ties between the Annunciation and Theophany (and Pentecost I suppose)? The parallel descent of the Holy Spirit upon Mary and upon Jesus seems like it would have some kind of significance.
  20. Nephi

    Relationship between Mary and Wisdom?

    So what is ultimately the connection between Mary and Wisdom? I remember reading that Slavic churches dedicated to Wisdom (Sophia) often have Marian feast days, which is not insignificant. Also, I recently read this interesting hymn from the Lamentations of the Dormition of the Theotokos...