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    Old vs. New Calendar?

    Neither. The First Ecumenical Council (and subsequent councils and squabbles) fixed the date of Pascha, which is to be set and proclaimed by the Alexandrian Church (they are New Calendar, BTW). However, numerous calendars remained in use—and in some places like OO continue to remain in...
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    Joke of the Day Thread

    A farmer, an engineer, and a teacher of the law were arguing with each other about whose profession was the oldest. The farmer said, "All of civilization is built upon farming, so my job is the oldest one around!". The engineer replied, "But surely there was existence before civilization. How...
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    Definition Of Cursing

    I'm wondering if there is already some baseline definition of cursing out there that I can work with, ideally from saint or council. I looked at some old threads, but they generally devolved, went off topic, etc. I do not want a definition that involves cussing (eg, someone saying they're...
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    Communion Spoons & Covid

    St Nikodemos can get a little "off the rails" on some topics, but his recollection of this historical practice is accurate. As I noted numerous posts above, the spoon is the innovation (though I think it is a theologically-ok innovation, to be sure). What is a more apt analogy is that people are...
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    When is sin a sin?

    Some good points so far. Also note that Jesus Christ healed everyone from demoniacs to cripples in His earthly ministry; 3 quick points about that. First, whether something is our fault or not doesn't matter on some level: all of it is brokenness. Second, Jesus *wants* us to be healed: He healed...
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    Confession and Possession

    Yes, it is quite possible. Having worked with multiple people who have undergone exorcisms, I should reiterate that the sacraments are not "magic": not confession, not exorcism, not any of them. Though there is some question about how sincerely a person can repent in such a situation, that...
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    So what exactly is spiritual fatherhood for laity?

    From Ss (in some non-Orthodox groups) Theodore to Origen...we're really hitting the big pillars of...some kind of faith here! But more to the point, this quote has one of the same main issues as the first one: the meaning of penance here is actually *repentance*. It is not enough to """Ctrl +...
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    So what exactly is spiritual fatherhood for laity?

    That is the case because Apostolic Canon 69 says so, not because of the meat, in and of itself, nor the presbyter's own fantasizing about a person's worthiness. The presbyter may, in the absence of the bishop, be the one who has to keep track of that sort of canonical violation, assuming the...
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    So what exactly is spiritual fatherhood for laity?

    * Correction: I should have said "Where is the *conciliar* canon" regarding various sins in paragraph 3 . Though most sins have no canon from a council or a father, a few odd ones do have Patristic canons, such as lying (St Basil and St Gregory). Should not affect any of the points overall, but...
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    So what exactly is spiritual fatherhood for laity?

    Sure. First, on accountability, the primary canonical "agent" is the bishop. He is the head (or rather vicar) of the local Church. So anytime we're talking about canonical accountability, we need to start there. For more general accountability, that is what I addressed in my above post on...
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    So what exactly is spiritual fatherhood for laity?

    Though there are plenty of misconceptions in the article, I think it did a right at the very beginning by pointing out how differently the term "spiritual father" is used. For example, St Paul chastises the Corinthians for being babes (1 Corinthians: 1.1–3), with the implication that we should...
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    "Eastern" Orthodox Church?

    That kind of language dates at least to the Sigillion of 1583, maybe earlier; the rubric is very likely a product of similar polemics, sadly—along with the oathtaking generally, which is well-known as forbidden and not in traditional ordinations!
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    Joke of the Day Thread

    Why did the bishop cross the road? Bishops cross everything!
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    Why must icons be venerated as a matter of dogma?

    First, focus on Jesus Christ. If they can't get to the point where they are really after Jesus, then they'll just replace "Bible" with "history", "tradition", or some other objective construct they can use as an idol, a tool, etc. So do everything you can to cultivate their desire for God—and...
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    Loving the Lord

    1. Prayer. The Jesus prayer is quite helpful here, as it can be a springboard towards interior prayer, which can be a springboard to prayer of the heart. But it has to be done in love, paradoxically, to deepen one's love (Luke: 7.47). That means the prayer must have moved beyond the stages of...
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    Why must icons be venerated as a matter of dogma?

    I think that a strictly linear view of history is problematic. The Faith was once for all delivered to the saints (Jude: 1.3), but the Faith is primarily Jesus Christ Incarnate, not a set of static, objective, definable beliefs. At the beginning, it is common for us to use various objective...
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    Why must icons be venerated as a matter of dogma?

    I'm primarily speaking of the canonical and conciliar tradition with regards to anathemas, not their enforcement. The point is not to "trip people up", but discern the truth of the matter, always with Christ as goal. Local Churches decided to draw very hard lines with regards to certain...
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    James Webb Space Telescope Launch, Deployment, And Science!

    The JWST is fully deployed! In a somewhat nondescript day, the last pieces of the telescope unfolded—the heat shield the mirrors, and everything else are 100% locked in place. There is still a ways to go before it reaches the L2 Earth-Sun Lagrange point, but the hard parts are all supposedly...
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    Why must icons be venerated as a matter of dogma?

    Life is assumed to be lived very publicly, so that is not a question that often comes up; our modern notions of privacy are, well, modern. I think if a person was at both a service and a fellowship meal it would be fairly obvious whether there was a disconnect between the behavior towards the...
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    Why must icons be venerated as a matter of dogma?

    Most of the dogmatic works we have (eg, various lists of anathemas) do not mention kissing at all, but rather more generic positive terms (salute, venerate, etc) or a list of negative terms to avoid in relation to icons (insulting, mocking, denying, blaspheming, etc). So we would have to...