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    Apostasy and blasphemy against Holy Spirit

    If someone receives the gift of the seal of The Holy Spirit(Chrismation) and then apostates, wouldn't it be the case that unless they repent they are in a state of blasphemy against The Holy Spirit?
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    Accepting the councils of EO

    If non-chalcedonian churches claim to have the same Christology as the chalcedonian churches, and none of the later councils we consider ecumenical are an issue.... Why not simply accept the councils and end the schism? Not trying to be polemical. I just don't personally think ending the...
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    (Re)baptism or corrective baptism

    Howdy ya'll, this is my first post on this forum. I entered the church through Chrismation. Had I been told to, I would have been baptized. However, my bishop said that my baptism was acceptable, and whatever was lacking in it was filled on entering the church. Not that my baptism was in...