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  1. Pravoslavbob

    CBD vs Sars'cov'2

    Including the moderator of this board. There are plenty of other places online where one may post non-vetted theories on various subjects. Feel free to do so in those places. Thread locked.
  2. Pravoslavbob

    A Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day

    Thrad locked pending moderator review.
  3. Pravoslavbob


    Thread re-opened. No further personal attacks of any kind will be permitted.
  4. Pravoslavbob

    Article: Good Reasons to be a Christian.

    Thread locked.
  5. Pravoslavbob

    Reconsidering Christianity

    Lord, have mercy.
  6. Pravoslavbob

    Scientists don't read even the titles of the papers they cite

    Thread locked. This site is not your personal hobbyhorse to ride in order to support various theories of yours ad infinitum. Please do not start a similar thread or warning points will be issued. Pravoslavbob Non-Religious Topics Moderator
  7. Pravoslavbob

    Corona Virus Vaccine Poll

    Thread locked pending moderator review.
  8. Pravoslavbob

    Isn't Florence an Ecumenical Council? The Pentarchy thought so.

    If you genuinely believe that communion with Rome is of paramount concern, why are you yourself not in full communion with Rome?
  9. Pravoslavbob

    Pascha 2021

    Indeed He is Risen!!!
  10. Pravoslavbob

    What does the holy Orthodox Church teach about (1) Real Presence, (2) Transubstantiation (3) Liturgy as Sacrifice?

    For the record, as has been discussed here before, more than once, most Orthodox do not regard the 1672 Jerusalem council as completely authoritative because of its use of scholastic Roman Catholic concepts, including sections where the nature of the Eucharist is discussed. In additon, the...
  11. Pravoslavbob

    Aggressive current atheism showcased in article comments on "new" Dead Sea scrolls

    It was not so long ago that one could find many thoughtful and tolerant atheists among the non-believng crowd. I am sure that there are still many of them around, but the rise of Christopher Hitchen types, social media and other factors make it seem like hyper-aggressive intolerant atheists are...
  12. Pravoslavbob

    New Dead Sea scrolls found hidden in desert cave in Israel

    Israeli archaeologists on Tuesday announced the discovery of dozens of new Dead Sea scroll fragments bearing a biblical text found in a desert cave and believed hidden during a Jewish revolt against Rome nearly 1,900 years ago. https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/new-dead-sea-scrolls-1.5951332...
  13. Pravoslavbob

    Forgive me, a sinner.

    Dear Fathers, Brothers, and Sisters, On this first week of the Great Fast, I just wanted to take the opportunity to ask forgiveness of anyone I may have offended here over the years. I know that at times I have made comments that were unnecessarily hurtful or not made in a spirit of love...
  14. Pravoslavbob

    I want to be Orthodox for the valid sacraments, and I have a question.

    As hecma925 relates, Mary of Egypt was an Orthodox Catholic who did not commune regularly after her conversion. Very, very few indeed are called to the strict kind of asceticism that Holy Mary lived out during her repentance. The vast majority of people need to receive the Mysteries on a...
  15. Pravoslavbob

    Roman Popes and the 7 Ecumenical Councils

    It may well be as you say. I can't help but feel that my response may have done nothing to help the situation, but just made it worse. God forgive me. After having more carefully read your excellent response to Wandile's writing in post #32, I realise that it might well be all that was needed...
  16. Pravoslavbob

    Roman Popes and the 7 Ecumenical Councils

    Half-truths, revisionism and a point of view that exclusively considers the Western stance on the issues that you address. And unleavened hosts have long been a concern of the Eastern Orthodox, and an innovation in the West, no matter how long you continue to loudly proclaim that they are a...
  17. Pravoslavbob

    Mor Ephrem wants to know...

    I'm glad that this speaks to you too.
  18. Pravoslavbob

    Mor Ephrem wants to know...

    Fr. Lev Gillet sums it up best for me: "O strange Orthodox Church, so poor and so weak...maintained as if by a miracle through so many vicissitudes and struggles; Church of contrasts, so traditional and yet at the same time so free, so archaic and yet so alive, so ritualistic and yet so...