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  1. AmatorDeus

    Humor: Baby Got Book(Bibles)

    I don't reccomend iFilm in general, as there is a lot of bad stuff there, but a friend sent me this link, which is hillarious. For those too timid to click without a description, it's a parody of the rap song "Baby Got Back" where instead of a...
  2. AmatorDeus

    Photos of the 2004 Archdiocese of the South Assembly(OCA)
  3. AmatorDeus

    Going into Retirement

    Friends, Over the past year and four months it has been my pleasure to serve as a Global Moderator here at As of immediately I am resigning my position as global moderator and will resume being a regular poster for two reasons: 1. With additional responsibilities in my personal life...
  4. AmatorDeus

    Travel Prayers Requested

    Please pray for the safety of my roomate Jacob and I as we travel to Wisconsin and back, leaving wednesday morning and returning on the following wednesday. David
  5. AmatorDeus

    Congrats to the Cap'n!

    For finally reaching 1,000 posts. Let's hear it for him! Ahoy! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
  6. AmatorDeus

    Anyone have any Gmail invites?

    Hello everyone... Recently, several people received invitations to join Gmail the new 1gb email provider from google. People who are invited can then invite others, ad infinitum. I'm fishing for an invite if anyone has one. Thanks! Send to: davidgalloway AT myrealbox DOT com
  7. AmatorDeus

    Anchor Bible Commentaries?

    I found a seller on eBay who has lots of volumes of this commentary on eBay, but the auction had no information on what group publishes it. Does anyone here know anything about it? I'm assuming it's a Protestant commentary but I wanted to be sure. Thanks.
  8. AmatorDeus

    Need help from the Greek speakers

    One of my secular friends who is interested in tattoos asked me if I know what the text on these say. I have no idea.
  9. AmatorDeus

    New Avatar for Ebor

    Ebor, I thought you'd enjoy seeing this, although it's a bit too large for an avatar. David [attachment deleted by admin]
  10. AmatorDeus

    Poor RCC Defense

    On a secular hobby related(DVD and film) forum I sometimes browse, someone started a topic asking Questions of Catholics. Most of the small minority of Catholics there aren't doing a good job defending Catholicism, so I thought some of the more erudite RCC members here might like to go "back to...
  11. AmatorDeus

    Drink of Choice

    When it's been "one of those days" and you definately could use a drink, what do you generally choose? Generally, I go for a beer(Mackeson Triple Stout XXX, Guinness), a whisky(Glenlivet 12year right now), or perhaps a port. I think ports are becoming my favorite type of drink. What about...
  12. AmatorDeus

    Questions to Mor Ephrem about Monophysites and Monophysitism

    I wonder during your liturgy do you call mary the Theotokos?
  13. AmatorDeus

    15 Shuffled Mp3s

    Another forum I visit did this topic a few weeks ago, and since we all like a wide variety of music, I think it might be fun. Load up your mp3 player with all of your mp3 files to play in random order. List the first 15 songs no matter how embarassing they are. My list: 01. Bob Marley -...
  14. AmatorDeus

    Share your Pascaltide Recipes

    We had a lenten recipe thread earlier, I thought it would be nice to share a few meat dish recipes. By the way, I'm looking for a good pastitsio recipe, so if anyone has one, I'd appreciate a copy. I'll start with my favorite Indian dish, Lamb Korma. This is a copy and pasted version I found...
  15. AmatorDeus

    Sts Mary and Martha House Monastery: 5th Annual Pilgrimage

    Sorry for the late notice...I've been a bit out of the loop recently. I'm planning on attending all of the services and since we have more than a few members in the SC/NC/GA area, perhaps someone else is planning on attending. For those of you not in the know, Sts. Mary and Martha House is an...
  16. AmatorDeus

    What Kind of Music Do You Listen To?

    With the recent topic concerning Contemporary Christian Music, I thought it would be fun to discuss what each of us enjoy listening to. Of course, I love Orthodox sacred music and am attempting to build a collection, but I'll discuss that in another topic. As a former orchestral trombonist I...
  17. AmatorDeus

    Poll: Do you brush your teeth before communing?

    Do you or don't you?
  18. AmatorDeus

    Prayers for my uncle James

    I ask your prayers for my uncle James. He is currently in the critical care unit at a local hospital after his surgeon found an abnormally large abdominal aneurysm. He has already had two heart attacks in the past, and also suffers from emphysema and multiple sclerosis. The prognosis is...
  19. AmatorDeus

    Anyone heard from Peter Farrington?

    Peter, we haven't seen you online for a couple of weeks. You are missed.
  20. AmatorDeus

    The things I give up for my Lord and my God...

    My favourite band is playing four concerts in my area next month. They only get to the south about every other year. All four are during Holy Week. It would have been fun to go, but I love Holy Week more. I hope they pick better dates next time....grumble grumble... ;D The band? They're a...