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    National Champions

    I will now accept congratulations on my Jayhawks winning the national championship behind Mario Chalmers miracle three point shot at the end of regulation!
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    Child Baptism Question

    Can an infant be Baptised into the faith if the parents are not Orthodox?   Thanks in advance.                  Mo
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    Matthew 777 and TomS

    I propose a toast to the most famous members of OCnet to ever be banned , TomS and Matthew777.               ((((((((((((((    DRINKS    ))))))))))))))))))))((((((((((((BUrp))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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    Pray for my friend Scotty

    Friends:   Please pray for my friend and brother Scotty Korchak. He has been in critical condition since Friday and the family has decided to take him off life support this Sunday.  
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    Police Hammered For Learning Ebonics       America is a multi-lingual society. Law enforement personal are obliged to understand and communicate effectively with all citizens ( and non-citizens).                      
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    Happy Fathers Day!

    From one Dad to all others.... HAPPY FATHER`S DAY!!!   Mo           
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    Heavy Handed Censorship

    What is the deal with the with the resent HEAVY HANDED censorship on this forum? Why are issues like the pedofile priest appointed by the AOC quickly locked ? Is a fear of turning possible converts away from the faith?  Are the Mods control freaks who think they are defending the faith by...
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    Thank you Pittsburg, New England, & San Fran

    Cinci choked as I predicted!!!  ( Never count on OHIO)     Thanks from a grateful CHIEFS fan!!!!!!!!
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    Can I take communion in an Armenian Church?

    There is an Armenian Church right around the corner where I live. I talked to the priest there and he said he had no problem serving communion to me and my kids( we are eastern Orthodox,OCA). I also talked to my Priest , he said he did not have a problem with it,though he tends to lean towards...
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    new shout box here

    OK...until the shout box is operational again......( Mods...indulged us...please :-*)   Anybody else excited about the beginning of football season?
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    Islam and Homosexuality

    I just finished reading "The Fall of Constantinople" by Steven Runciman. Within the text are multiple accounts of the Sultan Mehmet engaging in acts of homosexuality. Is this something that is condoned by the Quaran ?  Or is this deviant behavior outside of their ( Muslims) dogma? E.A. and Gic...
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    A compromise with illegal aliens

    It struck me last weekend that a compromise could be struck with illegals in this country. We give them (illegal aliens) full amnesty and citizenship and in return require five years of military service. This would give us (the U.S.) a minimum sixteen million extra troops to be deployed in the...
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    Can`t get my "insert quotes" button to work

    Hey Robert: My insert quotes tab is not working . Any suggestions? Thanks , Mo
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    News flash !!!¦nbsp; ¦nbsp;Today , in responce to the Islamic worlds outrage over the resent depictions of the "prophet" Mohammad,¦nbsp; Coca-cola announced it would end a planned publicity campain featuring the prophet in speedos dancing...
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    Iran...Deal with it now or later

    Tom S`post on this got sidetracked a bit so I am going to post anew on this topic. I`ve been thinking about the situation in Iran for a long time and it seems to me the only option Israel has is to eliminate Irans` nuclear aspirations. There is no doubt in my mind that Iran would use a nuclear...
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    People..lighten up

    WOW!!! Things are getting a bit crazy in here these days!!! Ummm...How about those Dodgers! I heard they moved to L.A.  ....
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    Was Seraphim Rose Gay?

      PhosZoe claimed on another thread the Father Seraphim Rose was gay. Can you ( PhosZoe) or anyone substantiate this somewhat slanderous claim? If so , was it prior to his conversion? Further more, if this indeed true, is it an issue as far as him being cannonized?                              ...
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    Patriarch of Jerusalem

    Can someone please explain what is the current situation with the Patriarch of Jerusalem. In Christ, Moses
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    uummm..just Lentin a thought..

      To all members:   I have genuinely enjoyed my short time at this site and I look forward to getting some more of those cool stars next to my name ;D. Perhaps this thread should be posted elsewhere, forgive me. Just a quote my spiritual father sent me.             " Compel yourselves....Behold...
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    Is this an anti-OCA website?

        Dear brothers and sisters in Christ :       Please forgive me . Why is the OCA perceived in such a negitive manner on this website?