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  1. sprtslvr1973

    Lutheranism vs Orthodox Christianity

    I have listened to Lutheran theologians and Pastors on YouTube and find that I really like a lot of Lutheran thought. I remember talking to a Roman Catholic who converted to Lutheranism, and was quite staunch in his conversion, say that Lutheranism has more in common with his previous church...
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    Does anyone struggle with this? The narrator in this nails it: I do not currently belong to a church, but tithe like a Greek or Roman pagan, fear rif I do not, I will lose what I have as punishment.
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    Forgiveness and Repentence

    I am afflicted. All my adult life, I have been plagued by two things: 1) righteous indignation over bad experiences with people, sometimes in the distant past. I have begged God to take this poison from me, yet somehow, it always comes back. It is a burden that is becoming too much to bear. 2)...
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    Your God is brutal

    This has been brought up before. But, the fact is many atheists and antitheists accurately quote passages of the OT when they reference brutality played upon the enemies of Israel. Genocide, slavery and rape are but some of the acts recorded and apparently demanded and remembered as good things...
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    Liturgical Handbook Online

    Hello, I am looking for the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom with scriptural references. The OCA used it and I was hoping to find that version online. Help?
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    C.S. Lewis and Mere Christianity

    Anyone here read it? I just "audio-read" via, and loved it. Over the years, I skimmed the introduction but never got around to reading it, as it seemed really dry on the surface. However, once I got into it, I loved it.
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    Omnipotence Paradox How would you answer it?
  8. sprtslvr1973

    Outside Time

    Please forgive what is likely a grossly short inquiry for what is equally likely a complex and thus issue: If Satan and the demons are outside time, how could they perform what (as I understand anyway) a chronologically based change; they were loyal to God but LATER rebelled and fell into...
  9. sprtslvr1973

    Chllenges from Atheists

    How do we answer Atheists who mockingly deny God's goodness when they reference God killing people in the OT? Have to admit it can be a challenging challenge?
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    Been away from church

    In the last two years, my church attendance has easily averaged less than once per month. I read scripture and listen to a podcast at least once per week and tithe regularly, though this is as much pagan superstition as a Christian discipline for me, I am sorry to say. I regularly work Saturday...
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    Orthodox Method of Serving Communion

    Someone started a post asking if she should take communion while recovering from a cold. This awakened an old stumbling block for me; why does the OC serve everyone o from a common spoon? Jesus handed his disciples His Body and Blood by hand. Why can't we do that and avoid spreading of sore...
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    Is it ever OK to let your passions be passions? I am so tired of turning on the TV or radio and hearing how a Muslim militi murdered innocent Christians, Hindus, Animists, Yazid and yes, even Muslims. Moreover, it seems all I hear from Muslims is that this is the fault of the West or the victims...
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    Very short post. I am fighting what may be the most destructive state to Christian spirituality, in fact struggling with militant Atheism might be a better state as it requires a fight of sorts. Revelation 3:16 "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of...
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    I like this
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    Stupid article

    Well shut my mouth; if these celebs don't believe in God, I guess I can't
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    If God is good...

    How do you usually answer the highly over-used, but still legitimate, question, that "if God is good, why do bad things happen?" I could respond by referencing Genesis 3 (the Fall), and Man's rejection of God's love bringing mortality and suffering to the world; another passage may be John 9 as...
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    Spirituality without God
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    Sin and Guilt

    So do we believe that sin is only "sickness" and never "crime?" Do we truly only repent of and go to confession for "getting sick?"
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    Cruel OT God

    Hew do you answer the apparently legitimate criticism from atheists that say the God of Deuteronomy and Leviticus is a cruel sadist much like Muslim Allah?
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    Arab Orthodox Christian Priest Supports Israel

    Islamic influence is the problem Quote truncated to conform to fair use rules.~A