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  1. Rufus

    Days of Heaven

    I'm going to see Days of Heaven tonite. What do I need to know?
  2. Rufus

    Greek Businesses in Summer Months

    I have ordered things from Greece a couple of times in the past, and my orders got deferred because, as it turned out, the businesses I was buying from were closed for the summer. Is it common in Greece for some businesses to shut down during summer months? I've heard of this happening in other...
  3. Rufus

    Terminally ill priest

    Please pray for Father Dimitri, who is expected to live for only a few months. He was our parish priest many years ago, and is much loved. Rufus
  4. Rufus

    For our Priest's Job

    Hello, It was just announced today that our parish council will hold an "emergency" (i.e. surprise) meeting tomorrow after the Liturgy in order to try and sack our priest. This issue has been brewing for some time, and the people who are orchestrating it have gotten several priests fired in the...
  5. Rufus


    My mother is going to be baptized! Glory to Jesus Christ! Her name is Margarite (baptismal name not sure yet). She will be baptized before Pascha, although a date has not yet been established, and five other adults will be baptized with her. This is very exciting for me, and even a little...