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    American Liturgical Vestments

    Is it not about time? We can carry on THE tradition however as there are nothing to zero patterns for vestment making written in English....is it not about time? There is a Greek style, a Russian style, probably a Serbian one as well, so...
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    A POV for Upcoming Great and Holy Council

    https://publicorthodoxy.org/2016/04/12/orthodoxy-and-ecumenism-in-view-of-the-upcoming-great-and-holy-council/ I like it. Although I watched the whole Fr. Theodore Zizis presentations and admit he made excellent points in a passionate way! No controversy....just consider.
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    Women Confessors

    Are there women who may hear confessions? I may be under a false impression but I think I have been told that there are some Abbesses who may hear confessions. Is that the case? I am convinced there are women who can give Spiritual guidance, such as an Abbess and are probably worth their weight...
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    Russian Hope

    I have teased, tortured, tossed and turned folks here that are "stuck & struck" in Russian Orthodoxy. Forgive me. My reasons are multifold, nefarious, prideful and self-justified. And I may do so all over again in the future, as we are not in Heaven yet. Some of my misgivings have been...
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    Religious Taxation

    So Finland taxes one because they are Orthodox? Wow! Besides Muslims, are there other countries that tax their people if they are in a religion? Just a curious American wants to know.
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    St. Valentine Querries

    Here in America, we "celebrate" this day. Other countries as well? My better question is, can my Bishop make February 14th St. Valentine's Day? Or does he need to meet with other American Bishops and get a consensus?, as well as the Metropolitan's blessing? Or does he needs Russia's permission...
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    Muslim Call

    Finally! http://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2015/11/after-dinner-a-beheading
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    I wish to make a small donation to OC Net however I see that the board software is free so i am wondering if there is an operating expense incurred at all. A quick look reveals nothing! IIRC there was a time when donations were accepted, no? If so, has that gone by the wayside? If no, is there a...
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    Specific Marriage Prayer

    Looking for a prayer from Ancient Fathers addressing Marriage. Have a friend, needs help, wants to save his marriage as it's falling apart. TIA, =
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    Definition of Autocephalous?

    Can this be considered a technical definition of autocephalus Orthodox Church: one which the local leader (Metropolitan, Patriarch, Archbishop) is able to consecrate the chrism used in the mystery of chrismation; more practically, it means a church that has internal governance of its own...
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    Question about Judaism: Tetragrammaton

    How did the High Priest pass along the Name of God, the TETRAGRAMMATON, to his successor? I've been lead to believe that the High Priest would enter The Temple's Holy of Holies once a year, whisper the Name of God only once, and such would never be repeated until the following year. If true...
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    Yu'Pik Theology

    We call them Eskimos; they call themselves Yu'Pik. They've been faithful to Orthodoxy since the early 1800s. Their language has a word, often to describe a married couple that, for me, summarizes the Mystery of Marriage, if not The Trinity: "Ipa". It means "you the other one" or "you but the...
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    American Orthodoxy and Music

    I do not even know how to form the question properly but it goes something like this: In the rubrics of Vespers or even the Divine Liturgy, is there a place to "add" or "change" out in some place during those occurrences and insert an American piece of music? Never would remove anything from...
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    Oh, Those Hawaiians

    I have a faith problem. Heard, or probably misheard, an erudite Orthodox Priest t'other day tell me "Know Christ, know sin". Well, I did not have the chance to ask, "Did the Hawaiians know they were naked prior to the missionaries telling them so"?
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    Finally, We Can Worship Idols!

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    Holy Hangover

    Anybody have a "hangover" feeling after Divine Liturgy or many other services? Going back to the mundane leaves a "down" feeling that I may best describe as a hangover; not sorrowful for the Liturgy but physically less than "clear" afterwards. Sounds familiar? =
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    Grace = Energy of God

    As one almost new to Orthodoxy I have heard, and like, that we may look as GRACE being the "energy of (or from) God". When I look up the word "grace" I find no translation close to that. Help for insight is appreciated, TIA, =
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    Free Will: Bug in my head

    Heard a guy the other day: the only people EVER to have free will: Adam & Eve (and Jesus, of course). Since the fall none have true free will due to the distortion since; anyone know an Orthodox approach to this subject?
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    Thank God for Suffering

    Do we?
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    Problem: " And lead us not into temptation"

    It is not His nature to do so. So why did He say this?