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    Prayers for Deacon George

    Brothers and Sisters, please say a prayer for Deacon George. I've been told he is suffering from depression after a number of personal/family issues. This has led to financial problems. I've not seen him serve for some time. Lord have mercy.
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    For Nick and spouse

    Brothers and sisters, please say a prayer for Nick and his spouse. I asked for your prayers a while back and unfortunately things have only gotten worse. Even though Nick is planning to close the shop, it maybe too late, there is now talk of breaking up. They have a 5yo child. Lord have mercy.
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    Possible archeological evidence of prophet Isaiah found

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    Small business needs work

    Brothers and sisters in Christ, please say a prayer for Nick, a small business owner who is having trouble bringing in work. It is starting to cause serious problems between himself and his spouse. Thank you.
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    Suspect growth in mother of recently deceased daughter

    Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, please pray for Evangelia, the mother of the teen Elizabeth who passed away two years ago from leukaemia. A scan has revealed some growth. We'll know more in a couple of weeks. Thank you.
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    Just die already!!

    Elderly Woman Resists Being Euthanized When She Sees the Needle, So Her Family Held Her Down http://www.lifenews.com/2018/01/26/elderly-woman-resists-being-euthanized-when-she-sees-the-needle-so-her-family-held-her-down/ And...
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    Religion That Worships Artificial Intelligence

    Religion That Worships Artificial Intelligence Wants Machines To Be In Charge Of The Planet http://gearsofbiz.com/religion-that-worships-artificial-intelligence-wants-machines-to-be-in-charge-of-the-planet/213272
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    Australia: Mass mailout survey on same sex marriage begins

    Australians are being surveyed about same sex marriage. http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/abs-releases-samesex-marriage-survey-form-as-mass-mailout-begins-20170911-gyevoe.html One paper had this interesting table. Notice the older age groups. All well above the 50% mark!
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    Atheists Are Nicer Than Christians, But...

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    Lost Languages Discovered at St Catherine's Monastery in Egypt

    Lost Languages Discovered in One of the World’s Oldest Continuously Run Libraries The centuries-old texts were erased, and then written over, by monks at Saint Catherine’s Monastery in Egypt...
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    Malaysia bans game where you get to beat up Jesus

    http://www.pcgamer.com/malaysia-blocks-steam-over-2d-brawler-that-lets-you-beat-up-jesus/ There is a trailer of the game too. Shows beefed up Jesus carrying pieces of the cross as weapon...
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    For the repose of Dan

    Dan reposed to the Lord after falling from some height and passed away more or less instantly just as his sister was coming from the other side of the world for a holiday. May he rest in peace and may the Lord have mercy on his wife, their two children, his sister, parents and friends.
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    For Fotini who just passed away

    Fotini just passed away at the age of 83. Please pray for her and her son, her only child, who was by her side every day for last few months. Memory eternal. Lord have mercy on her son and husband and relatives.
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    Bible app for Android

    Something has come up at work which might force me to switch from an iPhone to an Android phone. This means I have to find replacement apps for everything including my Bible one. I currently use the app from theHolyBibleApp.com on my iPhone and I really like its split side-by-side view. I can...
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    For a new job

    Guys please include me in your prayers as I am currently looking for a job and so far I've only had one interview after a dozen or so applications. The position I interviewed for sounded great with room for advancement and a good match for my skill set, but there is a lot of competition.
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    Vasectomy Parties

    Just heard about this, though it has been happening for a while apparently... http://www.lifenews.com/2016/10/12/instead-of-baby-showers-young-couples-celebrate-childless-families-with-vasectomy-parties/ and Lord have mercy.
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    For my aunt

    My 83yo aunt is seriously sick at the hospital. There is a good chance we will lose her in the next few days. Please pray for her and her son, her only child, who though brought up close to the Church has become atheist. I worry that his reclusive behaviour might turn for the worse should she...
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    Did John the Baptist really eat locusts?

    Recently, over lunch, I was told by a 20 something relative that St John the Baptist did not in fact eat locusts or grasshoppers but a plant. It was news to me and so I did a little google searching... So I came across the following article...
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    A masculine conception: Women not required

    A masculine conception: Women may not be needed in the future of baby-making https://www.salon.com/2016/09/14/a-masculine-conception-women-may-not-be-needed-in-the-future-of-baby-making/
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    Humans use similar sounds for common words

    Humans use similar sounds for common words in more than 6,000 languages http://www.sciencealert.com/humans-use-similar-sounds-for-common-words-in-more-than-6-000-languages?perpetual=yes&limitstart=1