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  1. LizaSymonenko

    My girlfriend's pregnancy was described as of high risk

    May his memory be eternal!
  2. LizaSymonenko

    Definition Of Cursing

    Anything that is spoken, that is not spoken out of love, and with love, and not spoken in a way that is meant to encourage, support, or comfort the listener, or to benefit their eternal salvation.... simply should not be spoken.
  3. LizaSymonenko

    Communion Spoons & Covid

    The Eucharist is only dangerous if taken by one who does not believe, does not repent, and does not have faith. Mold. The Eucharist is much like the Manna that God sent the Israelites in the desert. It is meant to be consumed in due course, and not squirreled away and hidden for a rainy day...
  4. LizaSymonenko

    Communion Spoons & Covid

    So, having quickly red over that article, it seems St. Nicodemus was referring to communing people who are already on death's door. I am assuming that such individuals will not be in line at our local parishes for Communion, and therefore, this is a false comparison. We do not know that even a...
  5. LizaSymonenko

    When is sin a sin?

    That's a tricky question... because clearly you did not sin... and yet reprimanding yourself, or "wallowing" in guilt... beyond repentance, holds you back, and is in itself sinful. I suggest that the person repent of whatever error they believe to have committed.... and move on. Don't allow...
  6. LizaSymonenko

    Going to my first Orthodox Service Tomorrow

    I hope you were able to get off the mountain and get to the church. How was it?
  7. LizaSymonenko

    Announcement of Patriarchate of Alexandria on Russian Patriarchate

    Why do you think the EP is wrong? I am not being combative... which is hard to gage over the internet... I am just curious why so many Orthodox back the MP unconditionally it seems. Many on this Forum, and other social media platforms, do not dare to consider that the EP might have a point...
  8. LizaSymonenko

    Is fasting forbidden during feast days

    It is usually the week following Pascha/Nativity that is "fast free"... not an entire 50 days. Take a break from fasting and enjoy the bounties the Lord has provided, and return to fasting next week.
  9. LizaSymonenko


    I know exactly what you are referring to. I have a number of friends who constantly call in order to vent. They hardly ever ask about me or mine, and are just constantly whining and complaining about something. On one hand, this gets old... and I feel used, as "my" time slips away.... I can...
  10. LizaSymonenko

    Departed Forum Members

    Memory eternal.
  11. LizaSymonenko

    Save Our Churches - Letter Campaign

    I know that I am never worthy...
  12. LizaSymonenko

    For me, my boyfriend and some other people

    Yay! Thanks be to God! Enjoy... everything!!! Christ is Born!
  13. LizaSymonenko

    Got any Eastern Christmas Carols?

  14. LizaSymonenko

    The Ecclesial Crisis in Ukraine and its Solution According to the Sacred Canons

    You are sadly mistaken... the Orthodox Church in Ukraine is perfectly canonical... but, some are just to proud to admit it. Doesn't matter. God knows.
  15. LizaSymonenko

    "True" Orthodoxy?

    It is even true, that even if a priest is "not worthy"... or perhaps drunk, or whatever... the Eucharist is valid, as God still works through his imperfections.
  16. LizaSymonenko

    Who is more disliked?

    So Wyatt... I feel bad that you feel "hopeless"... but, know that stirring up trouble will not help the situation. If you feel hopeless... as many of us do right now... just refocus on Christ. Do not let those negative, empty, hopeless thoughts dominate your mind. Remember, we are here for...
  17. LizaSymonenko

    The Ecclesial Crisis in Ukraine and its Solution According to the Sacred Canons

    Congratulations on the Third Anniversary of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine!!!! Glory be to God!!!
  18. LizaSymonenko

    For me, my boyfriend and some other people

    Lord, have mercy!!!
  19. LizaSymonenko

    Who is more disliked?

    You started this topic... asking for people's true opinions... and you got them. Nobody went after you, or disparaged your Faith out of the blue... they simply gave you their own opinions. You need to take a look at yourself and ask why you started this topic in the first place? Was it to...
  20. LizaSymonenko

    Communion Spoons & Covid

    Pilgrim_of_Athos, your post is fine where it is. I personally, have not seen tongs used, and would have an issue with it. What was the reason for the tongs? My hierarchs forbad changing the practice of distributing the Eucharist via single spoon, and I wholeheartedly agree with them on this...