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    Antioch Vs Jerusalem

    Any updates on this situation in Qatar?
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    Bilingual Romanian - English services

    Looking for a bilingual book or pdf of the Matins and Vespers services. There are many sources for the Divine liturgy but I can't find these services.
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    Current Fasting Periods of Syriac Orthodox Church and the Church of the East

    I am looking for someone to correctly inform me of the current fasting periods of the Syriac Church and the Church of the East and their duration. I have read some older English sources that seem note quite correct (For example, it lists the Fast of Elijah for the Church of the East in the...
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    4th Edition of the Antiochian Liturgikon

    The Antiochian Archdiocese has just issued a 4th edition of the Liturgikon (service book for priest and deacons) How does this differ from the 3rd edition which had corrected the many errors in the previous two? Has anyone bought this yet to review?
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    "Man of God" - Movie about St. Nektarios

    Any updates on how to stream this? Seems very difficult to find or watch
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    Particular Judgement

    Thank Stinky, but I was hoping for a more specific answer from the church in a statement, council or encyclica.
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    Particular Judgement

    I was challenged the other day by a Baptist friend about the Orthodox Teaching on the Particular Judgment at death and I couldn't find any. There is much said about the toll house theory (which is still not a teaching of the church) An old priest friend of mine said there is no teaching on...
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    In love with erotica writer, Spain's youngest bishop resigns from church duties

    Say what we want, but it was better he leave Holy Orders than sleep (or continue) to sleep with his lover. There are too many priests and bishops and even monks who have a lover on the side in both the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church
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    Akathist for the Nativity of the Theotokos in English

    Nothing? People...come on!!!!
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    Western Rite spreads to Rue Daru and OCA

    Okay, back to the issue here..... There must be much more to the story besides Father Andrew being upset about the Bp Irenei banning him from concelebrating with another priest. Father Andrew was "uber" ROCOR and very critical of all other jurisdictions, especially Rue Daru. Can someone...
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    Western Rite spreads to Rue Daru and OCA

    To clarify a bit more and correct me if I am wrong.. 1) Bp Irenai is the Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church of the British Isles, that is an amalgamation of the previous ROCOR diocese and the Moscow Patriarchate Diocese of Britain also known as Sorouzh. 2) Rue Daru is the old jurisdiction of...
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    Western Rite spreads to Rue Daru and OCA

    So let me get this straight: Archpriest Andrew Phillips, who is know by many in North America by his website: Orthodox England and, who from my reading of his many articles was an "uber" supporter of ROCOR, has tried to leave ROCOR (with others) to join the Moscow Patriarchate (the Mother...
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    Akathist for the Nativity of the Theotokos in English

    September the 8th is the Nativity of the Theotokos. There is an Akathist service specific for the Birth of the Virgin that is different from the traditional Akathist to the Theotokos. I have found translations in Romanian and Slavonic, but not in English. Does anyone have a link for this in...
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    Does your parish ban kissing icons due to COVID

    A year and a half after COVID hit our churches are finally opening across North America. My jaw dropped when a friend of mine told me his church BANs reverencing/kissing Icons regardless of whether you wear a mask or not. I can see not requiring one to physically reverence and Icon if you are...
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    What ever happened to ......?

    There are a number of people of prominence in the English Orthodox world the past 25 or so years that have either "disappeared" or "gone quiet" It would be great if someone had any info on: 1) Bishop Basil Osborne - was a Russian Bishop in England who asked to be laicized in order to eventually...
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    Thanks for sharing. The COVID crisis has, sadly, shown how shallow and weak the faith that we hold in this world. While not encouraging priests and bishops and parish councils to break the local laws, how many have used this as an excuse to limit access to the church and Her mysteries and the...
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    Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage and Holy Trinity Monastery now with the Serbian Church?

    Okay, so this isn't new news, but I am curious anyways. The Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage and the nuns of the attached Holy Trinity Monastery in Guatemala left the Antiochian Church in 2017 and joined the Serbian Church. Does anyone know why this happened? This Orphanage and doing mission work...
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    Met Soterios of Canada says those who want return to One Spoon are Pagans

    So I called a priest friend (not Greek :) ) in Calgary and he said they interpreted the word "Should" as a recommendation, rather than "Must" which is a mandate. He said those that don't like sharing a spoon (or being near people) haven't come to church since COVID started. Besides, their...
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    Share your liturgical mishap stories here!

    I was at a liturgy many years ago, with an elderly priest, who skipped over the whole anaphora prayers as those pages had stuck together.
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    Met Soterios of Canada says those who want return to One Spoon are Pagans

    Beware the Orthodox Bobo's Beware of the Orthodox Bobos / OrthoChristian.Com