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    This Will Ruin Your Day (Especially if You are a Beekeeper in Japan).

    Japanese Giant Hornets. And a Wikipedia article. The bolded part is demonstrated in the video. Hopefully, they don't bring this to America like they did to the Africanized Honey Bee.
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    Oh My...

    :-\ Words cannot describe... It is not allowed to post naked links. You need to explain WHAT and WHY you are posting these links.  "Words cannot describe" is not enough.  I know the explanation is implied...
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    Logging In Difficulties.

    In an unfortunate incident involving an incredibly awesome joke and a hot cup of coffee, I had to get a new computer and a new cup of coffee. Anyways, I logged in yesterday, posted, closed Safari, and then went to bed. On the old computer I could log in and it would stay logged even after...
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    Masoretic Vs. Septuagint

    Why do Protestants usually prefer the Masoretic over the Septuagint?
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    A Prayer Request and a Temporary Farewll

    I don't want to get into too many details, but recently I've been having many family emergencies pop up and none of it is looking too good.  I've also got many questions I need to consider in the near future like whether or not I should go to seminary or a monastery, or if I should wait a little...
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    Joshua Blahyi

    What do you guys think about Joshua Blahyi...
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    HELP: Guitar Making

    I've made instruments before, but this would be my first stringed instrument.  What wood do you recommend I use?  I don't have a budget but since it is my first time I would rather not buy or ruin my tools with ebony if at all avoidable.  I'm not looking for world class quality just some wood to...
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    If You Could Pick a Different Saint

    If you could pick a different saint to be your patron, who would it be? Mine, would be St. Barnabas (in case you couldn't tell, I'm a little nuts over his interpretation of Mosaic law) Feel free to choose more than one...
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    The Sacraments

    What role (if any) do the sacraments play in salvation???
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    My New Role Model When I'm older, I'm going to model my life after this guy in every way other than this incident.
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    Proof of Time Travel

    I was reading a Wikipedia article on a list of heresies and I found something which caught my eye (Original article Other articles are: See...
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    Saddest and Most Poorly Done Documentary I Have Ever Seen

    I don't know what's sadder, the fact that this exists or the fact that it has almost 400,000 views and only 297 dislikes Can someone cheer me up with a worse documentary
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    Is our Current Bible Simply a Readers Digest Version of God's Inspired Word

    I also noticed in the helps area that it said "or 904." The NRSV/A translates a VERY different number, ninety-four, but the original KJV/AV says 204/904.  And also what about the other seventy for the wise ones to read (possibly bishops?) where are these books?  If it really is a massive amount...
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    I'm Confused About the Celtic Orthodox Church states that they are not Nestorians it sounds awfully Nestorian yet claims all seven Holy Ecumenical Councils can someone help me?
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    End of the World Music

    in a completely random and hypothetical situation  ;) let's say the world is about to end, what would you listen to? I'd probably listen to "When the Levee Breaks" by: Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie (never liked the Led Zeplin version as much) what about
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    A Legitimate Non-Polemical Question Regarding Ecumenism and Papal Infallibility

    I've always been curious as to how Papal Infallibility would work if the (world) Orthodox Church were to be submitted into the RCC.  Would you accept the infallibility of the other four Patriarchates (Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria, Jerusalem) or would you keep ex cathedra in Rome only? In...
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    I was always told that after they cut out the Lamb and Particles they leave the rest as a memorial.  I still have no idea what this means, where do they put it, is there some special ritual for burning it or something?
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    Arian CATHOLICS???

    Of all things I never could have imagined seeing something like this.  This is just sad...
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    The Theories on how to Pronounce The Sacred Name

    I know this is probably completely useless but I always find this stuff to be interesting and I know many other people on this forum are interested too.
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    WARNING: this is a protestant article, but he makes some great points If God instructed people to put His name in The Holy Scriptures as much as 6,823 times than what right do we have to change the most powerful word (YHWH) into a man-made name...