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  1. Onesimus


    Brothers & Sisters; If you would take the time in your daily prayers to pray from my Son and my family it would be of great encouragement. My 2 year old son (Matthew) was recently diagnosed with autism.  We're lucky really, and I have no doubts that God will bless early intervention and...
  2. Onesimus

    "Her" Church

    In another thread a few days ago, wgw asked if I would share a bit of the writing I was required to do for seminary in which I attended the "Liturgy of the Divine Feminine" at "HerChurch" - an ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) "church" near my home in San Francisco.   ...
  3. Onesimus

    Open letter from kidnapped Metropolitan Paul of Aleppo.

    Patriarch of Antioch, His Beatitude John X's brother - Metropolitan Paul of Aleppo writes open letter to Orthodox Church from captivity written last week from his "cell." Please keep this Holy Heirarch in your prayers and read the...
  4. Onesimus

    Let us love one another, that with one mind we may confess

    We should tell one another we love each other.  This is not sentimental love or emotional love, but the bond of Christ in Us. has many many heated "discussions" and polemics, accusations of sin and the stoking of passions.    But as we forgive one we ask for...
  5. Onesimus

    Billionaire buys world's most expensive diamond for his 7-year-old

    48.4 million dollar diamond ring for 7 year old.  I'm gonna go look at my credit card bills and weep.
  6. Onesimus

    Diascorus and Chalcedon

    To my OO brothers and sisters. I'm looking for your view of Diascorus.  I'm not here to share mine.  I am intrigued to understand your stance on him given the picture I have of him and the events of Chalcedon.  Tell me what you know.  Tell me what you think.  Why is he a saint?  Why was...
  7. Onesimus

    'εις αιωνας των αιωνων' - "ages of ages" - "forever and ever" - "eternal"

    This is a derivation from the subject of another thread…  <a href=",66757.0.html">HERE…</a> The subject of hell and divine love offer a rich target of opportunity for speculation and polarization as individual sinners attempt to wrestle...