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  1. Ainnir

    Presanctified and fasting

    So tomorrow is my first presanctified liturgy, and it’s in the evening. As far as I understand it, we fast from at least noon for evening liturgies. But how does that work with the Lenten schedule of fasting until noon or even 3 p.m. (iirc)? We just don’t eat from midnight until the following...
  2. Ainnir

    Getting your priest’s blessing

    What things in our day-to-day would we seek out our priest’s blessing for? Is it supposed to be everything and a vast amount of economia is employed? Just big stuff like job changes? Only overtly Orthodox things? I’m considering a shift in endeavors and don’t know if/when I should inform...
  3. Ainnir

    So what exactly is spiritual fatherhood for laity?

    I've run across this article: https://www.pravmir.com/parish-priests-spiritual-fathers/ It makes sense that the priest is the de factor spiritual father of his parishioners, especially in the general sense of guidance. I see the distinction between advice from a priest vs. requiring...
  4. Ainnir

    For all in the path of Izzy

    Lord, have mercy.
  5. Ainnir

    Where to buy icons?

    I tried searching the forum and didn't come up with much. Where does everyone recommend for purchasing icons? Anywhere that should be avoided? I have an Ancient Faith catalog, but wanted to ask around for other sources, too.
  6. Ainnir

    for a 5-year-old boy

    The nephew of my cousin’s husband (if that make sense). All I know is he has COVID, and he’s fighting for his life. Lord, have mercy.
  7. Ainnir


    We sing a hymn with a little Arabic in it, and my daughter noticed that Aleluia was pretty much the same in both languages. Is it a word that has made it into all languages largely unchanged?
  8. Ainnir

    For those affected by hurricanes Marco and Laura

    Lord, have mercy.
  9. Ainnir

    MOVED: Archbishop Elpidophoros to Deliver Benediction at Democratic National Convention

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  10. Ainnir

    MOVED: Ex-Vatican advisor exposes the rise of neo-Nazism among Uniates

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  11. Ainnir

    For those who travel by land

    Lord, have mercy.
  12. Ainnir

    Glory to God

    Today was the first time I’ve personally prayed to a saint outside of services and prayer times, and within 2 hours, my prayer was answered.  It was Saint Phanourios and my son’s baptismal cross.  ❤️
  13. Ainnir

    MOVED: If You Need To Talk...

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  14. Ainnir

    AANA Missions and Evangelism panel discussion on race reconciliation

    Wednesday, July 1, at 7 p.m. Eastern.  Hosted as an online event, available both on their website and their FB page. Anonymous questions can be submitted via the contact form on their website. If I hear anything more, I'll try to remember to update this thread...
  15. Ainnir

    Internet choirs

    So... are they real?  I've seen a few since Pascha and instead of just enjoying them, I'm thinking, "How does every one of those people have equipment that produces studio-quality sound?"  Do I just underestimate our technology these days?  Why can't I just "shut up" and enjoy the music?  ??? ...
  16. Ainnir

    MOVED: Ravi Zacharias: Rest In Peace

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  17. Ainnir

    Worth a read.

    Feel free to post opposing pieces.  I thought it was interesting. https://erinbromage.wixsite.com/covid19/post/the-risks-know-them-avoid-them?fbclid=IwAR2_R1kt_40v-Rb-imxyBAWGm3yX3rLfzn6QqUmtbVPOh0H5HLtzNKnApyc
  18. Ainnir

    For my neck

    It hurts every day, but today has been particularly wearing.  I can't do the very obvious, practical thing right now.  I'd just like some fortitude, I guess. 
  19. Ainnir

    cookie molds

    I was perusing some threads about Pascha and feasting recipes and came across the recipe for ma'amoul, but the link for the molds no longer works.  Does anyone know where Orthodox-themed molds might be found?  I found a lot of what are probably traditional molds, but nothing Orthodox.  I did run...
  20. Ainnir

    Saint James, the brother of our Lord

    A friend of a friend was wanting to know how he came to be canonized.  The Dead Sea Scrolls were mentioned as the reason he was canonized.  Any light to shed?  I'll poke around OrthoWiki and other sources later, too.