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    PETA campaigns against eating fish

    Guess I have a good reason not to fish this Advent fast....... http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/11/16/fish.empathy.ap/index.html
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    Should the Christian right be involved in politics?

    The following are some interesting articles on the role of Christians and politics from the libertarian side of the coin. Our Hope Is in the Gospel, Not Politics and Government by Bill Barnwell Five years ago I was convinced that Christians could change the world. I was convinced...
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    Prayers for Karamazov

    A friend requested that I post this request who no longer posts here. Please pray for our Northern brother David (Karamazov), who has requested prayers today. The person making the request on his behalf believes God is partial to prayers in Ukrainian, as most effective language for prayer...
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    Nearly two-thirds think they're going to heaven, while few believe they're hel

    Next stop, the Pearly Gates ... or hell? Nearly two-thirds think they're going to heaven, while few believe they're hell-bound, survey finds By K. Connie Kang Los Angeles Times Posted October 24 2003, 10:57 AM EDT LOS ANGELES -- An overwhelming majority of Americans continue to believe...
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    Big gov vs. the praying monks

    Holy Places By Paul M. Weyrich Published 9/26/2003 12:02:00 AM When we hear about the Middle East, we frequently hear about the holy places that are important to religious believers. Some date back to the beginning of recorded history. There are holy places that are mentioned in both...
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    Unorthodox abortions

    Unorthodox abortions David L. Bahnsen: A perspective on abortion in Russia There were 1.7 million abortions in Russia last year, down from 4.6 million in 1988. Abortions were previously legal for one of thirteen reasons in the second trimester; that list is now cut down to four. Abortion...
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    Skirts and scriptures

    Skirts and scriptures Joel Miller on Tony Campolo’s push for women preachers Women GǪ are far too intelligent to make effective ecclesiastics,” said H.L. Mencken. “Their sharp sense of reality is in endless opposition to the whole sacerdotal masquerade, and their cynical...
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    'Luther': Sola Scriptura

    'Luther': Sola Scriptura Dr. Ted Baehr Friday, Sept. 19, 2003 Summary The movie "Luther" covers the early years of Martin Luther's life, from his days as a monk in the early 1500s to the proclamation of the Augsburg Confession in 1530, which founded the Lutheran Church in Germany. It is a...
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    Christians in Iraq

    Christians in Iraq by Glen Chancy Many public services such as water and electricity may be spotty in Iraq, but at least mail delivery seems to be going well enough. Christian Assyrian families all over Iraq have been receiving versions of the following letter delivered to them in their homes...
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    The Feminization of Men by Bill Barnwell

    This article is painfully true. :( >:(To those who are married, I hope it gives you insight into what young men face in this society. One has to do what is necessary to survive.
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    The New Testament meets Cosmopolitan

    August 31, 2003 -- The cover features three bronzed models in a friendly, flirty armlock and catchy lines like "Beauty secrets you've never heard before" and "Guys speak out on tons of important issues." But if you read the fine print, the glossy magazine about to hit the shelves of the city's...
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    What Draws Youth to the Church?

    What Draws Youth to the Church? This summer, at one of the Orthodox camps, two questions were posed to the youth: 1) What troubles them most and what do they most dislike about church, and 2) What draws them to church? The answers of the youth were varied, but nearly all of them testified...
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    Priest charged with manslaughter in drunken Pitt player's death

    Priest charged with manslaughter in drunken Pitt player's death By DAN NEPHIN, Associated Press Writer. August 27, 2003 PITTSBURGH (AP) -- A Roman Catholic priest was charged Wednesday with involuntary manslaughter in the death of a drunken Pitt football player who fell through a church ceiling...
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    Let women hear confession and grant absolution, says bishop

    Let women hear confession and grant absolution, says bishop By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent (Filed: 28/08/2003) Women should be allowed to hear confessions and absolve sinners, a Roman Catholic bishop has suggested. Bishop Vincent Malone, auxiliary bishop in Liverpool, said that...
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    Jews sued for 'stealing' gold in Exodus

    Another case of something coming back and biting you on the butt.
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    Artificial wombs being developed

    For years, feminists have hailed the coming irrelevance of men in procreation, now human advancement has swung the other way and now the need for women is vanishing. The feminists are scared and rightly so because their double standards are now threatened. What this means is that a single male...
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    Prayer vs Freewill

    How is God's ability to answer prayer affected inversely by mankinds free will? Can any prayer be answered through a person without free will being negated in some way? Example A) Kathy has gotten behind on her house payments. The bank is now threatening to forclose on her. She prays to God...
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    Greek Orthodox and Melkite Greek Catholics

    http://www.cnewa.org/cw29-3-pp13-15.htm In a move as practical as it is inclusive, the new St. Paul’s Church will give Melkite Greek Catholics and Greek Orthodox worshipers the opportunity to share not only a common site, but will further unite their communities. The church, which is almost...
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    Evangelical Extravaganza

    Evangelical Extravaganza Today's worshipers expect big budget performances. BY DALE BUSS Friday, August 15, 2003 12:01 a.m. EDT It's August, which means, believe it or not, that First Baptist Church of Orlando is gearing up its yuletide worship extravaganza, "The Singing Christmas Trees."...
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    Wedding-day kiss will be couple's first

    Wedding-day kiss will be couple's first By Gina Kim Seattle Times staff reporter Jill Merry and Adrian Burwell began dating last November. They got engaged in May. But the first time they kiss will be Aug. 16 — at the altar, in front of more than 600 people. For the couple, who met at a...