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    Russian Pharmacy Stops Selling Condoms With Church’s Blessing

    Call me a liberal, but it's a farce banning contraceptives. It's a farce expecting people to not have a few relationships before they finally marry (I don't see anything sinful in this, it's still love). And it's also a farce expecting people not to commit adultery. These sins will occur, all...
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    Russia-Ukraine gas crisis

    I'm more inclined to be supportive of SouthSerb's stance. The Orthodox world has been turned against itself, to the delight of the West, are we going to continue blaming ourselves for it? There is NATO to represent the West, there is the OIC to represent the Islamic world, what do we have...
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    The Purpose-Driven... WHAT???

    I'm not comfortable with the idea of Jesus being the sex god, and I don't think He should be depicted as such in imagery.
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    Can we have a push on interfaith dialogue?

    Hey everyone, I've noticed there's Orthodox-Catholic and Oriental Orthodox forums, but I think we need to put more effort on dialogue with other faiths. Every now and then I visit a Muslim forum that has a "Islam/Christianity/Judaism" dialogue forum, which is quite popular. It attracts all...
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    Orthodox Pilgrimage

    1. Jersualem/Bethlehem 2. Patriarchate of Antioch (Lebanon, Syria and Antioch itself, the oldest Christians and the oldest churches) 3. Constantinople 4. Moscow 5. St. Catherine's, Mt. Sinai The Antiochian churches in Australia used to organise pilgrimage trips to the sites in Palestine ...
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    I used to have 3 ear piercings, now only 1, but I do have an eyebrow ring. I don't know, where do you draw the line between presentation and vanity? Is it a sin to want to be presentable? What's the difference between getting a piercing and getting a haircut? We cut our hair to look...
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    The Purpose-Driven... WHAT???

    A bit off topic, but Matthew777, your image of Jesus is a bit ... unusual. The picture seems to depict a Jesus with a perfect-body, I'm not sure if that's rather appropriate. He looks more like a sex symbol in that picture.
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    Russia-Ukraine gas crisis

    What's more nonsense is seeing Ukraine turn against its Orthodox brethren to join a Western Europe they share little with, and it seems you agree with me on this point. Are the Ukrainians not of Slavic origin like the Russians? You admit that Ukraine has to choose one of the two neighbours, why...
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    Russia-Ukraine gas crisis

    The relations between these two - formerly close - Orthodox nations seems to be taking one wrong turn after the other. But can we be upset at Russia's recent actions? Ukraine underwent a US-backed and organised anti-Russian "revolution" and wishes to establish "normal" relations with Russia...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from the sunny side of the planet ... Australia! God bless you all and may we pray the world is a greater reflection of our Lord's desires the next time we celebrate this glorious occasion.
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    What's all this I hear about "Christmas wars" in the US?

    MBZ, You seem quite different from those Orthodox Jews who are chanting for the extermination of all Arabs. Those extremists seem to retain a lot of power in Israel, despite being a minority. Do you often confront people like that? If so, how do you respond? Some of the most anti-Israeli...
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    Cypriot iconic Mosque restored in Greek-Cyprus

    Restored mosque brings hope for Cyprus' ethnic divide By Agence France Presse (AFP) Wednesday, December 21, 2005 LARNACA, Cyprus: Nestled on the edge of a salt lake in southern Cyprus, one of Islam's most important shrines has been restored and is now poised as a beacon of hope for the...
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    Islamic Radicals Threaten to Kill H.H. Coptic Pope Shenouda III

    A lot of Christians in Egypt are Greek descendants from the time of Alexander the Great. Alexandria was one of the main patriarchates in early Christianity. Alexandria was also a Greek city, with the majority of its inhabitants being Greek. A great percentage of Christians in Egypt are the...
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    Icons or statues?

    Yes, I'm aware of the concerns re idolising, but I'm not putting it up for idolatory purposes, only because I like the art and I want to bless the garden.
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    Icons or statues?

    I'm aware that Orthodox use icons and the West use statues, but I've never understood why. Could someone please explain to me? Reason I raise it is because we're currently doing our backyard and I was thinking of putting a Mary or Jesus statue out the back, but I'm not sure whether this...
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    Are you a convert to Orthodoxy?

    I'd just like to know an estimate on the number of people here who are actually converts or are Orthodox by family association.
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    I guess I'm the liberal. I don't have a problem with contraception at all. In fact, when I see it can prevent the spreading of diseases and save more lives than harm, of course I'm going to support it.
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    Is the "Palestinian Cause" really the "Islamic Cause"?

    Yes it is a shame that radicalism is growing rampant. Christians are fleeing the Middle East, whilst the West turns a blind eye to the Christian woes of the Near East. They run to save Kosovo and Bosnia, but who has come for us?
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    How can I become a better Orthodox Christian?

    Thanks all for the advice, I'll try get my lazy butt down to Church one of these Sundays. :)
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    How can I become a better Orthodox Christian?

    Hey all, Yes, this is my second post re my faith situation in a week, but no I'm not entering some crisis. :) I have been reading this forum for some time and I'm overwhelmed by the great levels of knowledge each of you possess. I have a great interest in deepening my faith and my...