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  1. ZealousZeal

    Quotable Quotes: Special Green Ink Edition

    Thanks! Do you freelance? I'm frequently under-caffeinated and have a career opportunity for you.
  2. ZealousZeal

    I wish these people were still posting

    Opus, For the sake of keeping threads on target and and for peace, we have in place some Rules and guidelines re: discussing/questioning moderatorial actions, and how that ought to be done. Mor Ephrem quoted a portion from the Rules up above. Another relevant portion from the Rules: I...
  3. ZealousZeal

    I wish these people were still posting

    Good people, Let your nostalgia in this thread be of a less attacking, more irenic nature, for lo! We are in Other Topics. I split off the thread from about the point I felt the conversation became too serious (and too harsh) for this hot locale, because I don't want to frighten off the...
  4. ZealousZeal

    MOVED: Amnesiacs try pop psych!

    This topic has been moved to Politics. http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php?topic=72639.0
  5. ZealousZeal

    The Travel Thread

    Oh yeah?! Then why was there a jail cell at the Vet? Those animals booed Santa Claus. Santa Claus. NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS Ahem. I apologize. This is just a visceral reaction I have to Philadelphia.
  6. ZealousZeal

    OCA begins a new mission in Roanoke, Virginia

    Ugh. I came here to make a "reaching the lost in the lost colony of Roanoke" joke, but you beat me. ;)
  7. ZealousZeal

    Dear Cadence: OC.net's Advice Column

    Dear Mina, I'm afraid that can't be helped. You see: I'm dirty, mean and mighty unclean. I'm a wanted man... public enemy number one, understand? So lock up your daughter, lock up your wife, lock up your back door, and run for your life. The mod is back in town! Don't you mess me 'round...
  8. ZealousZeal

    Practical Head Covering

    I will take the liberty of quoting myself because I recently answered this elsewhere, so why re-invent the wheel?
  9. ZealousZeal

    Run from Protestantism with the same speed you run from death

    Phrased another way: what do y'all think about being an Orthodox Harriet Tubman? Lit.
  10. ZealousZeal

    For your servant Nomikos

    Lord, have mercy!
  11. ZealousZeal

    What does everyone look like?

    Thanks for sharing. :)
  12. ZealousZeal

    Random Postings

    God bless.
  13. ZealousZeal

    Random Postings

    I'm thinking somewhere around 65%.
  14. ZealousZeal

    Random Postings

    What % of OCnetters does not heed safety warnings and will be losing some eyesight today?
  15. ZealousZeal

    Need a new lawnmower

    I have a red one. It's self-propelled. Buy that one.
  16. ZealousZeal

    Random Postings

    .... it's important.                                             prayer. do                     you pray?                                                 .... you've probably NEVER                         heard of it .......                                            ....
  17. ZealousZeal

    Random Postings

    My best friend lived in Granbury! Her family still does. Now she lives in Michigan, so let's all take a minute and say a prayer for her.
  18. ZealousZeal

    The Superfluous Selam Thread

    Selam or get out. Selam