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    My review of C. Shingledecker's book, "The Crazy Side of Orthodoxy" (draft)

    Review on “The Crazy Side of Orthodoxy” by Charles Shingledecker (Regina Orthodox Press, Salisbury, MA, 2011, 194 pp., ISBN 978-1928653) What do Orthodox Christians believe? This question may seem odd. Don’t we know it? Of course we believe “in one God the Father Almighty… and in one Lord...
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    For my younger niece

    Dear folks, may I ask your prayers for my 23-y.o. niece, Marijka, who lives in Ukraine? Her older sister is now happily married, is a proud mother of a 1.5y.o. baby girl, and lives separately from her mom. Marijka, however, is single and lives in her mom's apartment. This past summer, she...
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    Dr. Yuriy P. Chornomorets', "The Need of Ukrainian Radical Orthodoxy" (link)

    An interesting article written by my friend from Ukraine, a young Orthodox theologian and scholar (Ph.D. and D.Sci. in Philosophy), Yuriy Pavlovych Chornomorets' (in English): http://risu.org.ua/en/index/expert_thought/open_theme/44887/
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    Happy birthday, Peter the Aleut!

    Man, we often disagree, and I do get emotional at times, but I do love you and I do respect and appreciate what you do on the OC.net! Many Years!
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    For my moter and wife

    Dear folks, May I ask for your holy prayers for my mother, Lyudmila, and for my wife, Lesya. Yesterday, we received a message from our friend, who lives in Kyiv, Ukraine, where my 81-y.o. mother also lives. The friend told us that my mom's health shows signs of decline, that my mom sometimes...
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    Travel mercies

    This year, my wife and I, working at two different universities, for the first time in years have our fall break falling on the same days. We are flying tomorrow to Berkeley, California, to see our daughter Maryana and her husband Ryan. The last time we saw them was almost 1.5 years ago. Thank...
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    Happy 1000th anniversary, beauty!

    According to tradition, the foundation of the Saint Sophia Cathedral in my city of birth, Kyiv (Kiev), was laid on the great feast of the Nativity of the Mother of God in year 1011. So, today we celebrate its 1,000th anniversary. I know its every corner, every store, every blade of grass in its...
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    Many Years, Νεκτάριος!

    Yesterday, our poster Νεκτάριος got married! Горь-ко, горь-ко, горь-ко, горь-ко..!!! :angel:
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    Re: prayer for unity

    I'd rather pray for the mutual understanding and appreciation of each other by all of the various Christian faith communities. The word "unity" is a bit... well, maybe assuming too much for the moment. We (the Orthodox) aren't going to be in the Eucharistic unity with Roman Catholics for quite a...
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    Игумeн Пeтр Мeщeринов, "Усталость от цeрковности" (hegumen Piotr Meshcherinov,

    Fr. Piotr Meshcherinov is a hegumen of the Donskoi monastery in Moscow and a Facebook friend of mine. This piece, titled, "Being Tired of Churchiness," was recently posted by him on FB. I am pasting it here in its original Russian. Hopefully, will translate it into English, it's really, really...
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    A great new Internet bookstore

    Dear friends, I have had the honor of personally meeting the founder, owner, and director of this new Internet-based bookstore, called "Archee" (Αρχη) - a wonderful young man called Dmitry Shandra. He lives in Kyiv, Ukraine, and studies at a Master's Program in philosophy and theology at the...
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    Mom has pneumonia

    My mother, who turned 80 last June, has pneumonia. Yesterday, her friend called the ambulance because she had difficulties breathing. The two young guys, a doctor and a nurse, who came to her apartment (yes, in Ukraine the ambulance personnel visits patients in their homes, free of charge...)...
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    For a recently departed man, and for a grieving friend

    A very good friend of mine, C., just wrote me that a friend of hers, S., died a few days ago. C. is devastated, because it seems to her that almost no one in the world was closer to her than S. She is a scholar in humanities, a university prof, and a very lonely woman (divorced long time ago...
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    Travel mercies for daughter

    Dear friends, - could you please say a quick payer for my daughter, Maryana, who is flying from San Francisco to London tonight (a job-related trip), and back on this coming Friday? Thank you!
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    Happy New Year!

    It's already 2011 in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe... It will be 2011 in America very soon. Best wishes to everyone! Personally, I have a few New Year's resolutions (particularly, to work harder, like Boxer in Orwell's "Animal Farm"  ;D), and New Year's wishes (especially for Russian...
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    For a student

    My wife just learned that one of her students, E., a young woman from India, had attemted to commit suicide. It is her third year in the USA. E. dated a young man from India, also a student, but he recently got married (probably an arranged marriage). E. tried to kill herself by ingesting...
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    Dear folks, may I ask for your prayers for me? I am generally in a pretty good health, but lately my heart is beating chaotically. It is not faster than normal, but simply completely irregular. It's been like this for something like 8 or 9 weeks. I saw a nurse practicioner, and she referred me...
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    For my colleague

    Please pray for my colleague at the university, M. She is a very well-known professor, a teacher most highly esteemed by her students and her peers. M. is in her early 50-s, like myself. She has 4 children, now all grown, and one of her children, a daughter, was a student of mine in 2006-2009...
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    For my daughter, Maryana

    Dear folks, May I ask you to mention my daughter, Maryana, in your prayers? She is 26 y.o., married to a man she loves and admires, and she is currently with a Ph.D. program in Comparative Literature at Harvard University. It's her fifth year in that program, and she is now an "ABD" ("all but...
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    A little birdie just sang to me that...

    ... our own Father George (Cleveland) and his wife, Presvitera Kassiani, have something to be happy and to boast about... 8lbs 2oz - 20.5"....  :) Many Years - Xronia Polla!