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    Hurt Feelings!

    Gee - it's been three years since I posted this. We see the couple in public (shopping center and school, etc.) and are courteous to say the least. I have no hard feelings and the sadness has gone away. i take solace in long standing friends whom I have known through thick and thin. As I look...
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    Ideas Needed for Parish Growth

    Thanks Arn1
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    Choir Director Sacked!

    scam... you may have the answer
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    Choir Director Sacked!

    Ok it's rant time. I was hoping that some of you more gifted brothers & sisters could shed light on something. Our choir director was "relieved" of his duties on Monday. Brief background. He is very demanding and can be tempremental, which can be annoying, but the result is a beautiful...
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    Gaining weight during the fasts...

    It's the carbs - although I did lose weight during lent 2 years ago because I was stressed. When stressed I do not eat much.  I eat more Oriental and Indian food during lent. The olive oil thing is beyond me considering that Orthodoxy's formative years was in a Mediterranean culture. Oil is a...
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    A Strategy for US Orthodox Unification by George C Michalopulos

    OK - after all you oin heads get done arguing semantics and rubrics, I'll tell you in one word why none of this will work.  Money!  Too much is at stake and without naming names some jurisdictions have amassed lots of it and the power that flows from it and they are not going to give that up...
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    Two more Churches attacked in Mosul, Iraq

    Lord have mercy on our persecuted brothers and sisters in Iraq and Turkey!
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    How to Become Orthodox without my wife and family

    Demetrious - good reply. Irish needs our prayers. I have been there. Threatening to abandon for any reason is blackmail. Sorry to be so dour on this eve of such a festive occassion.
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    How to Become Orthodox without my wife and family

    Threatening to abandon is not a Christian action!
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    How to Become Orthodox without my wife and family

    Irish:  How are you holding up? I hope some of the comments on this site has helped you. Ms. Hoorah had a good point about counseling and Ignatius' piece was very informative. As an aside, concerning icons. I was taught that the intent in writing (painting) the icon was to purposely "distort"...
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    Hello, I am Nick

    Welcome Nick from another Serbian brother!
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    How to Become Orthodox without my wife and family

    Riddikulus reply was very good - I have been where you are! I am just going to tell it to you straight. There are problems in your marriage - period. Orthodoxy has nothing to do with it!  It's difficult. I've been where you are! We finally split up - separated. The Lord had mercy and I raise my...
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    Hello All!

    An optimist!  That's what we need here!  Welcome David
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    What is Convertitis?

    You ahve convertitis if you feel the need to all of sudden dress like you just left a 16th century Russian village.  Oh yes, I've seen this even in churches where they are juxtaposed against most long time cradle (and convert) Orthodox who look like they just stepped out of Macy's window!
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    To leave or not to leave

    Take o nthe Wisdom of Solomon. Go to the AOC parish and get involved- for your daugherr. I am sure your OCA priest will understand. And also, go back and help put from time to time at the OCA parish. I am an active member of a vibrant AOC parish, but visit a nearby ACROD parish, populated by...
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    Serbian Orthodox Church head Pavle dies at 95

    Вечнаја Памјат.....Амин
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    For Fr. Alexios, who was attacked today

    Lord have mercy!  How is he doing.  Some Americans  are so ignorant!
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    What is everyone reading?

    The Romanov Bride. by Robert Alexander. Story of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr. Fascinating and compelling. It made me cry.
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    What is everyone reading?

    Romanov Bride. fiction based on fact the story of St. Elizabeth the New Martyr