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    Cocktail Theology

    Proper glassware is preferred.  It is that way for good reasons, being that it enhances (or doesn't hinder) the experience by releasing the true nose and full taste of a wine/spirit.  But with that said, if my choice is drink vs no drink, I'll live using a red Solo cup w/o complaint (or very...
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    Please remember to pray for your Congressman.

    Our litanies in church cover all civil authorities and it is likely in our daily prayer books as well.
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    My estranged father died

    Lord Have Mercy. Memory Eternal.
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    Our culture of purity celebrates Virgin Mary. As a rape victim, that hurts me.

    At least she admits where she out to spend some focus.  It's a start: "But why does Mary’s story have to oppress women when it could liberate us? What would it look like if the church celebrated Mary’s story as a hymn to the beauty of incarnation? (Admittedly, we Westerners could learn a few...
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    Our culture of purity celebrates Virgin Mary. As a rape victim, that hurts me.

    I guess my only answer then is:  What bout those women who have have NOT have had unfortunate rape/sexual assault experiences but then carelessly gave away their virginity?  Sure, it's an impossibly high bar, and very few even come close, but why not see it as a goal?
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    Lutheran and Orthodox Liturgy.

    A bit of a sidebar, but someone posted this online yesterday. A possible chasuble worn by Martin Luther.  At a Martin Luther exhibit in Minneapolis.
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    Hyperdox Herman

    ;D :laugh:
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    Jameson is Roman Catholic and Bushmills is Protestant

    ...or not. I added The Wire to my NetFlix queue on the recommendation of a fellow local music friend I sang with in a Renaissance choir.  I'm toward the end of season 3 and the clip referenced in the link below came up. I'm only drink Whiskey/Scotch/Bourbon on occasion (beer and wine much...
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    Strange icons

    And the plot thickens!
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    Strange icons

    And/or...not made by a sane person?  (You know....coping the surrounding Mac form of wiki instead of just the image)
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    Strange icons

    It was brought to church on Sunday by the Ft Ross docent who found it.  She had previously discussed and shown it to the abbess of a local monastery and our clergy.
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    Strange icons

    Wouldn't it be imprint of the heavenly Mac?
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    Strange icons

    Since it is of a male (St Peter the Aleut), wouldn't it be Fortrossky?  ;)
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    Strange icons

    It kept saying the file was too big when I tried uploading from my iphone...even though it is only 92K when I upload to FB then download to my desktop.
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    Strange icons

    Another attempt.
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    Strange icons

    Sorry, everyone.  I'm trying to upload from my phone.  I'll try a roundabout way.
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    Strange icons

    This "icon" washed up on the beach recently on the California coast near Fort Ross, found by one of the curators who is not Orthodox, but friends with local parishes and the Calistoga monastery.  Rather bizarre how it is reproducing a section of St Peter the Aleut's Wiki from a Mac.
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    interracial marriage in the orthodox church

    +1.  This.
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    Do women in your parish use veils?

    OCA parish.  I said some to most.  Mine is probably on the conservative/traditional end of OCA parishes wrt many practices (Confession, headcoverings, Iconography, etc).  The older Matushka doesn't cover, but the younger one does.