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  1. mikeforjesus

    Orthodox Church teaching on sacraments

    What does the Orthodox Church believe about sacraments and the need for spiritual guidance of the church for one to be saved how would one be saved if he purposely did not seek the guidance of the church and at one point moved to a country knowing or not knowing he has long to live and there is...
  2. mikeforjesus

    need help understanding a concept in salvation

    Though I think others may know outside the church but I thought I would ask those in the church also if they know the answer to this Wisdom of Solomon 4:1 Then the righteous man will stand with great confidence in the presence of those who have afflicted him,and those who make light of his...
  3. mikeforjesus

    To be fair I give churches chance to convince me

    I have doubts in joining either Catholic Church or Orthodox Church not knowing which is true I think bible is true but I would like to hear the claim for the Orthodox Church what would make me know it is the true church which I think could hold maybe Catholics are saved.  Could you please direct...
  4. mikeforjesus

    Jesus is the only way to the Father

    Jesus is the only way to the Father psalm 49 and John 3:16 is clear that only believers shall not perish Unless a man be born again he can not see the kingdom of God Enter by the narrow gate to life It is said how can hitler be saved if he repented of killing those Jews and the Jews not be...
  5. mikeforjesus

    On churches

    I choose to follow only scripture and to teach that all Christians can be saved. If I am wrong about the possibility that apostolic fathers may have lied or told to teach as they did by apostle John or that they are only applicable for their time and misunderstood then I could be deceptive but I...
  6. mikeforjesus

    Why I am orthodox

    In the past the Pope of Rome was not infallible yet he tried to bring all under him this led to saints disagreeing with the pope yet they remained as bishops in the church but not under the Roman pope such as Cyprian and in the ecumenical councils where the pope sometimes taught heresy that even...
  7. mikeforjesus

    A reminder

    Sometimes we may have itching ears and accept a lie because we are hopeless  but this is a reminder to return to the truth
  8. mikeforjesus

    How there is hope Protestants can be saved

    It may not be certain but it is a hope A few points I posted on Christian forums of a longer post which was deleted which cause me to hope Protestants can be saved but it is not a fact as they may have known all outside the church are not saved even Christians who do not wilfully fight the...
  9. mikeforjesus

    Beware of being deceived

    Heaven is a place where righteousness dwells Gods servants work for a harvest of righteousness Tares are thrown into unquenchable fire. The worm does not die and the fire is not quenched. The simple are deceived thinking they can sin and end up in hell. People must repent while they have chance...
  10. mikeforjesus

    I regret not going to franklin graham crusade in Australia

    I did not go because I thought people would think I don’t think eternal security is not a big deal if it is preached it but it is if people are negatively influenced by it. But it is a mistake because that is not the focus of the crusades but for people to get to hear their need for the gospel...
  11. mikeforjesus

    We are responsible to judge things in this life.

    Paul said the saints will will judge the world We are to warn sinners but show love It is important not to approve of those who practice those things but deem them worthy of judgement however not judging them because that implies knowing for sure. So Jesus said if anyone does not believe I do...
  12. mikeforjesus

    He who believes and is baptised will be saved

    But he who does not believe will be condemned I said what I believed yesterday in thread I thought this a few days ago but this may be more accurate As far as we know all must be baptised and all must partake of sacraments and ear the Lords body and drink His blood to be nourished onto heaven...
  13. mikeforjesus

    I thought this a few days ago after considering my belief in church

    I have hundreds of books to teach me about doctrine and how to live that is orthodox. My conclusion is sacraments are life giving. Baptism and laying on of hands in our church causes regeneration confession remits sin and communion heals sin and is food for the soul So it may be you can only be...
  14. mikeforjesus

    How can a loving God send anyone to hell ?

    https://www.beliefnet.com/faiths/christianity/articles/how-can-a-loving-god-send-anyone-to-hell.aspx By our choices if we have no fruit to God we can’t go to heaven because God can’t allow sin into heaven. If our sin was not taken away freely by our choice on earth it can’t be taken away after...
  15. mikeforjesus

    understanding justification by faith

    I downloaded and read a book on it. Should I confess to it ? How shall I repent when my action affects people because people knowing about that which I am sure the evil one will spread it means I am open to this heresy which is harmful to others. I knew what it probably teaches but I was just...
  16. mikeforjesus

    Being friendly to universalists

    First of all I will say though some church people are universalists they may not mean wrong those who  believe in levels of reward yet I think it is still harmful I fear the punishment becomes mine for supporting such as liking a post recently from friend in Sydney while it could have been a...
  17. mikeforjesus

    Worthiness of communion

    The below comes from http://www.stminahamilton.ca/blog1/wp-content/uploads/pre-servants/Church_Rites/Lecture%2004%20-%20The%20Sacrament%20of%20Eucharist%20-%20Handout.pdf It seems to be saying I can’t have communion if I hope Protestants also are accepted for thinking they are having...
  18. mikeforjesus

    Can the gospel give peace in these last days ?

    I still listen to billy graham to see if his teachings are true because I see if he did not mean to make others think they can give up carrying their cross and I listen because the gospel he preaches may be what we need to hear now to have peace with God in these times I don’t know if below is...
  19. mikeforjesus

    Encouraging verses

    John 14:27-28 27 Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. 28 You have heard Me say to you, ‘I am going away and coming back to you.’ If you loved Me, you would rejoice because I said, I am...
  20. mikeforjesus

    I am simply christian

    I think putting church above Jesus is wrong. I am willing to be convinced it is not harmful to protestants. But as for now I say people come before church. I therefore am the same as all christians unless convinced it is not harmful to protestants. I also follow only Jesus not even billy graham...