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    Coffee: French Press or Drip Brew?

    French press.  A plug-in water heater, a french press, and a steady supply of coffee in care packages were how I made it through Iraq. ;D
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    Announcing our new Global Moderator, Liza Symonenko

    Nope, the glass onion dome was shattered a while back. ;) http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,4688.0.html
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    Protestants Using Orthodox Symbols?

    I object to the name Evangelical since it comes from a Greek word.  Lutheran's 100% Protestant, though. :P
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    Welcome to OC.net!
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    Gay Marriage, Testament laws, and Chick-Fil-A

    That's actually every single Chick-Fil-A I've ever been to, no matter the time, place, or controversy.  It's just always packed (maybe because there are fewer of their restaraunts than say, Taco Bell).
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    Read Me! Compiled Board policies, information points, etc.

    Regarding titles for clergy 1. Any clergy of the mainline (i.e. non vagante) EO, OO, and EO/OO Old Calendarist Churches shall be called by their proper title or salutation, or a respectable abbreviation of such.  Extreme abbreviations are only appropriate for institutions or large groups (i.e...
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    Is it time for the OCA to stand up to the Synod? Or for MP to rescind the tomos?

    It's also the see he was originally intended to fill, having been elected as the Bishop of Fort Worth.
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    Orthodox Parish allowing Altar Girls?

    It's a well known fact that the mere sight of a female altar server will cause previously heterosexual men to immediately run out the door, fly to California, and marry each other.
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    MOVED: The Trayvon/Zimmerman fiasco

    This topic has been moved to Politics. http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php?topic=43823.0
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    So...what do you all do for a living? Dreams/Ambitions

    I am a fancy cheap-pants lawyer prosecutor. Big corporations The State of Texas pays me mega one or two bux to make arguments for them in court. My side job of blowing stuff up is usually a lot more fun. :)
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    Father Ambrose from New Zealand

    Lord have mercy.
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    What video games are everyone playing lately?

    Heh.  While driving home from the store the other day, I remarked to my wife, "Is it a bad sign that I have this strong urge to stop and harvest those purple flowers in that yard?"  I don't know anyone around here that would buy the potions from me, though. :-\
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    Moderator Retirement and Move

    We are saddened to announce the retirement of one of our moderators who has served our forum well.  Schultz is retiring as the moderator for the Orthodox-Catholic forum, although he won't be leaving us here on OC.net completely.  Please take a moment to thank him for his service to the forum...
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    A Revival of the Pentarchy?

    And having the first-among-equals elected from amongst all would preclude power plays and politics?
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    Archbishop Dmitri fell asleep in the Lord!

    Memory eternal!
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    Casey Anthony Not Guilty

    Speaking as a prosecutor, good for the jury.  If the prosecution can't prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, they neither deserve nor are entitled to a conviction.  If the jury wasn't convinced, good on them for not caving to public opinion and rendering the popular verdict.
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    Bishop Mark Maymon no longer administrator of the OCA's Diocese of the South?

    Well, yes, but since Bishop Mark was received from the Antiochian Archdiocese, he served as Diocesan Administrator under both Metropolitan Jonah and Bishop Nikon as locum tenens.  His office as Administrator shouldn't be confused with who the locum tenens is. 
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    Is it right for the Vatican to financially support the Eastern Orthodox Church?

    Fixed it for you.  You might want to work on not jumping to erroneous generalizations.
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    Is it right for the Vatican to financially support the Eastern Orthodox Church?

    And which Ecumenical Council ratified the definition promulgated by Messrs. Merriam and Webster?
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    Favorite Star Trek Series

    And if anyone professes love of Star Trek: Voyager, let him be anathema!