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  1. FatherHLL

    Marital Fast

    No polls...but hopefully we can put this one to rest.  When we talk about "rules," the only universal rules are canons...  St. Dionysius of Alexandria Canon 3 (approved by 6th and 7th Ecumenical Councils):  Persons who are self-sufficient and married ought to be judges of themselves. For we...
  2. FatherHLL

    Miters or Mitres

    So something really bugs me.  We know from history that the current episcopal mitre predates the Ottoman Empire.  Yet every online source we have says that the current Mitre did not predate it.  Also, typically the statement is that it is the imperial mitre, which it is not, since the imperial...
  3. FatherHLL

    Roman Catholic

    As many should well know, the worldwide Orthodox Communion officially uses the term Catholic (big "C") in its name in its official documents.  I have been asked about the usage of "Roman Catholic" with regard to all those in communion with Rome.  Some claim that "Roman Catholic" refers to...
  4. FatherHLL

    Essence and Nature

    We have another thread on Theosis.  We are trying to get to the bottom on whether the same faith is shared by the Copts/Orientals and Chalcedonian Orthodox.  A few things: 1.  Scripture, and particularly St. Peter, uses the term "nature" to refer to essence+energy.  2. However, we know that...
  5. FatherHLL

    Being convinced

    At what point is the "need for others to convince us" sinfully selfish?  At what point is the following attitude, whether spoken or unspoken, unacceptable:  "if you are not articulate enough to spell it out to me and to detect all my inconsistencies, then I will not believe"? 
  6. FatherHLL

    Are you attending liturgical services less because of gas prices?

    Attendance was going so well, but over the past few weeks, as gas prices are rising, it is now evident that less numbers are showing at Presanctified, Bible study, etc. and even Liturgy.  People are cutting back coming to Church because of gas prices.  What can be done? 
  7. FatherHLL

    Does fasting simplify matters?

    I was asked a question that deserves some consideration and answering.  The question ran a little like this: Part of the original purpose of the fast was to simplify our life during this time period to devote more time to other things and more money to give charitably.  However, the person who...
  8. FatherHLL

    Episcopal Assembly website

  9. FatherHLL

    Grant it O Lord aiteseis petitions in the litanies

    On another forum I asked a specific question and did not get an answer.  Instead a whole wide discussion opened up and the question never got answered.  This is regard to the completion (prothesis) litany and litany before the Lord's prayer.  Most forms of the Liturgy have a repetition of the...