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    Old Testament and New Testament Laws

    In the Old Testament, God appeared as a war-God -- He would encourage religious wars and genocide; He encouraged stoning; He encouraged several violent things. In the New Testament, God appeared in human flesh as a peace-God -- He encouraged non-violence even to the extent of self-sacrifice...
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    What are the Good Friday "side"-traditions of your country?

    In the Philippines, it is customary that on Good Friday (Catholic) no one goes out of the house because of the belief that God is "dead" on that day. So the demons are lurking everywhere. Before, people didn't even take a bath on that day believing that blood would flow from the faucet! What...
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    My mind and my faith

    Hi everyone! Please pray for my ever-wavering mind that it might not lead me to leave the Faith that is true and right. I change my mind very, very often and I seem to have that (watcha-ma-call-it?) something syndrome. Please pray that I could be able to have enough interest in my school...
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    Beauty of Catholic Litanies

    I find Catholic Litanies more beautiful than Orthodox Akathists and the like. Maybe its because I'm used to it (I was born Catholic). When did this style of writing start? Is this style pre-schism? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Litany_of_the_Saints ::)
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    Judas' Role

    A few questions: 1. If Christ's death is the cause of life eternal, and Judas is the cause of Christ's death, then wouldn't that imply that Judas cause is life eternal? 2. If Judas (or anyone) hadn't betrayed Jesus and Jesus didn't die -- would we have been saved? I know that these questions...
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    Akathist to St. Catherine of Alexandria

    Does anyone have a video or audio file of an Akathist to St. Catherine of Alexandria being performed? :angel: Yochanan
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    Pre-chrismation requirements

    I wish to be chrismated soon. But sadly, the priest in our country won't chrismate me until I get a 2-year tutelage under an Orthodox Pastor. Sadly again, I can't get such a tutelage because I can't spend a long time in the place where there is an Orthodox Parish. I'm in the Philippines by the...
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    Unusual Jewish words in the Bible

    Are there any Jewish Orthodox Christians here? Can you translate selah, motkim, etc. -- you know.. those Jewish words in the Psalms which 'have no known meaning' according to my Catholic Bible. Thanks!
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    How to self-learn Byzantine Chants

    Hi everyone, I've been having a hard time learning Byzantine chants just by ear. Does anyone know of On-line resources concerning Byzantine Chants -- in English? I really just don't get it: WTH does plagal of the first tone mean?  :o Yes, I know what plagal means -- it's in Wikipedia -- but...
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    St. Gregory Petrov? (Any Russians?)

    Guys, have you read the Akathist of Thanksgiving? It was written by a Hieromartyr, Fr. Gregory Petrov. It is a very beautiful akathist and I think its enough fact to merit his public veneration. Is the Russian Church aiming toward his canonization? Here's a link to the beautiful piece...
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    Could predominant Catholic countries use Western Rite?

    Could predominant Catholic countries use Western Rite? I personally believe it would be easier. Like in the Philippines, we Filipinos are more used to Western Rite music and Gregorian Chant (yeah, I know its post-schism). Why don't the Bishops try to revive it in our country? Maybe perhaps to...
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    Science and Orthodoxy

    Is progress in science a noble thing in Orthodoxy? It is after all a "for the happiness of mankind" deed right? I want to become a scientist.  8)
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    A very "beautiful" description of our faith.

    A very beautiful description of our faith.  ;) http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Eastern_orthodox Pax.
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    My Favorite Psalm, What's yours?

    PSALM 91 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust.” Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler And from the perilous pestilence. He shall...
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    What can you say about this? (its about the Papacy)

    ”The reason for your absence was both honorable and imperative, that the schismatic wolves might not rob and plunder by stealth nor the heretical dogs bark madly in the rapid fury nor the very serpent, the devil, discharge his blasphemous venom. So it seems to us right and altogether fitting...
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    I just don't know.. but there seems to be something bothering me.. Is it a sin to play a pirated game, or to download from an apprehended website? In the Philippines, its quite normal to see piracy everywhere!! And the original ones are just like 10 times  :-\ the price of the pirated ones!! And...
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    Orthodoxy disallowed contraception before, but now why is it allowed? We should remember the sin of Onan: how he died directly after committing withdrawal. Only Tradition can be changed by the Church not the Moral Values! If the Faith is infallible then why was this side on contraception...