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  1. CarolS

    Done with Christianity for now...

    I hope you hang in there.  The divisions in different faith groups were not created by God. Where is the perfect truth? Perhaps only in heaven.  All I know is where God has led me and I'm content with that.
  2. CarolS

    RC Church in Middle Ages by Targeting incest promoted individualism

    I think its because in marriage the two become one, so there is no difference between a spiritual relationship or blood (according to the Church canons).  The same with a God Parent.
  3. CarolS

    Was Jesus ugly?

    I grew up singing the hymn "Beautiful Savior", so can't even contemplate the question.  Also, with all due respect to the OP, I taught my children when they were young, that humans are born with a tremendous amount of curiosity, but not everything that comes from that creative and curious energy...
  4. CarolS

    For the servant of God Matthew

    May the Lord have mercy on his soul.
  5. CarolS

    Churches and Houses Destroyed – Christians, Kurds Flee Northern Syria

    Some people hear this kind of news and say "Where is God?"  I say rather "Where is humanity?"
  6. CarolS

    Archaeologists uncover mosaic floor of church built in fifth century

    here's another news story with nice pictures of these mosaics. https://religionnews.com/2019/09/16/archaeologists-uncover-mosaic-floor-from-5th-century-near-sea-of-galilee/
  7. CarolS

    My Holy Chrismation and Holy Baptism was last Saturday into The Orthodox Church

    May God help and strengthen you.  Many years.
  8. CarolS

    Views on Sex

    orthodox  do not have any issues with sex within traditional marriage after all, priests often have the most children.
  9. CarolS

    Africa's Christian Explosion: The Cross's Triumph in St. Augustine's Continent!

    There is a quiet but growing number of conversions to Christianity in Muslim areas of North Africa. A popular Ex-Muslim Baptist Moroccan preacher, "Brother Rachid", on youtube gives sermons in Arabic and English. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4CLQ27FFAc&t=45s The secret Christians often...
  10. CarolS

    The "Universal Orthodox Church"

    The Bible also contains about 16 references to people or animals being STONED TO DEATH! One sure sign of a cult is when the clergy have to go into long descriptions of where their ordinations came from.
  11. CarolS

    Is humor jokes and enjoyment permissible

    Newly reposed Archbishop Alypi had good sense of humor.  Once he said about a choir that was rather out-of-tune: "I think they sing in tone 9."
  12. CarolS

    Can inter-Communion in some rare cases correctly pave the way to full Re-Union?

    That was my reaction exactly to the OP. It’s like having sex before the marriage.
  13. CarolS

    According to this report, crosses appeared in Hagia Sophia

    I don't see anything.  Video only plays for a fraction of a second. Is there any printed report of this?
  14. CarolS

    W.A.G.-word association game

  15. CarolS

    Conversion Issues

    I hope you can be patient.  There are instances in the lives of some saints who had to wait a period of time because the parents would not give their blessing before undertaking something they wanted very much such as joining a monastery. Conversely, I have known people who took a major step in...
  16. CarolS

    Nobody to take me to visit Orthodox Churches

    It depends on how many Orthodox Christians are in a particular area.  I know of some small towns in New York State and Pennsylvania that have 10 or so Orthodox Churches in a small town.  Not so many in most of the South and West USA - the biggest concentrations are on the east and west coasts...
  17. CarolS

    Why Orthodox don't have a pope? Mt 16,18

    Correct.  That's why we say "Pope of Rome", because there can be other popes.  I believe the patriarch of Alexandria still uses the title Pope of Alexandria.
  18. CarolS

    Nobody to take me to visit Orthodox Churches

    https://www.stdemetrios.net/ If you contact the church in Fort Worth, I'm sure they must have some members located near you. (at least it's worth a try) Most Orthodox churches draw members from a wide geographic area.
  19. CarolS

    πεντηκοστή Greeting

    It seems to me to be an American "convertsy" thing to think up a special greeting for each feast.  Most Orthodox people from the "home" countries have never heard of this, other than the Paschal greeting and in some places a greeting for Christmas.  When these greetings are taken to the extreme...
  20. CarolS

    Polish priest blames 'devil'

    It's truly sad, because it reflects badly on all of Christendom and will drive some of the faithful away, as well as give ammunition to the enemies of Christianity.