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    Typology: Connecting all OT Types from to their NT Anti-Types in Orthodoxy

    Does anyone have a list of all the types & anti-types recognized by Orthodox Christianity?
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    After over 10 years here...

    ....this is my 1,800th post since October 03, 2002. Just sayin'!  :angel: I'm surprised it took me that long to get here. Though it will probably take another 10 years to get to 2,000.  ;D
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    How to make a traditional Pascha (Easter) Basket

    I thought the following link might be helpful for those making a Pascha Basket for the first time this year: http://nstanosheck.blogspot.com/2011/04/how-to-traditional-orthodox-pascha.html
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    Prayers for my father-in-law

    I am asking prayers for my father-in-law BiWen Liu, we found out this morning that he is in the hospital for an enlarged heart and some other conditions which could lead to his death. My wife will not be able to get home to China until the evening of April 11th.
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    Patriarch Kirill advises Orthodox bloggers to get down to real work

    Moscow, March 26, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia advises Orthodox bloggers to direct their "enhanced energy" to real work. From the article.... "I don't underestimate importance and need of deep, serious discussion among Orthodox believers, but I want to remind to its...
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    Orthodox Believers Stand Up For Jailed Anti-Putin Punk Rockers / Members Of Female Punk Band PUSSY RIOT On Trial For Church Protest / Aleksandr Dugi

    Orthodox Believers Stand Up For Jailed Anti-Putin Punk Rockers by Claire Bigg Public outrage is mounting over the jailing of two Russian women accused of staging an illegal anti-Kremlin performance in Moscow's largest church. ... Not all Orthodox, however, back the legal assault against...
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    My son, Daniel: Surgery this Monday morning

    On Monday morning at 8:00am central time, my son will have surgery for a hernia repair which will last about an hour. I ask prayers for him during this time, during his recovery time and at your local Divine Liturgies, if you please. Thank you in advance my friends in Christ!
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    The Seventh Annual 2011 Chinese New Year Missions Breakfast

    Presented by the Fellowship of St John the Divine to benefit the Chinese Translation Project via the Orthodox Fellowship of All Saints of China (OFASC) Place: St Mary Antiochian Orthodox Church, 8 Inman St, Cambridge MA Cost: Suggested min. donation $5 per adult (checks can be made payable to...
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    Antiochian Met. Phillip fires priest for wearing cassock

    In more Met Philip has lost it news: On the day the Archdiocesan website officially published the Metropolitan Philip's October 22nd "Implementation" Order, the Metropolitan dismissed Fr. David Moretti of Terre Haute IN from his parish, and the Archdiocese, ostensibly for disobedience, that is...
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    Chronological Order of Old Testament Saints?

    Can anyone provide a list of Old Testament saints in chronological order?
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    Prayers for my mother, Sharla

    My mother  had chest pain yesterday and per her doctor's orders, she went to the hospital. Originally they found nothing, but today they found a very long 80% blockage that required 2 stents. I ask you to keep her in your prayers, please. Thank you in advance!
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    Prayers for my wife and unborn baby please

    Dear in Christ, Would y'all please add my wife Fei (Faith), and my unborn son, Daniel to your prayers, please? Her sugar has been going up and down, which keeps me concerned. Thank you in advance!
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    The Repose of my Step-Grandmother, Monica

    I would like to ask your prayers. My step-grandmother, Monica, who was always like a grandmother to me, died today. She is non-Orthodox, but ask for prayers for her and for all of us that will be driving long distances to attend her funeral on Monday. Thank you in advance.
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    ROAC Sites DoS Problems

    SHOCK: Portal-Credo, ROAC site, other Russian "Dissident" Sites Shut Down (NFTU; source: http://credo-rating.livejournal.com/2247.html- also found at Daily Courier, Russia) In a shock to alternative Orthodox media in Russia, Alexander Soldatov of portal-credo.ru has reported an unprecedented...
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    Stuck in China! Help! Need Prayers!

    On my way home on 12 August, I was the victim of a pickpocket. I lost my cell phone, my money, my debit card, my passport, etc. The U.S. Embassy was able to help me get a temporary passport and I now have to wait 7-10 days to get my exit visa and buy new tickets out of China. All with no access...
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    Prayer Requests: Job Search & Lost Wallet

    I had a job interview today and have 2 more tomorrow. And somehow I have lost my wallet in the last 2 days. I would ask for your prayers, please.
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    Liturgy of St. Tikhon vs. Sarum Rite

    This Topic has been split from this thread. George Here is an interesting Wester Rite Orthodox site that argues both the positives of the Western Rite and also attacks the use of Anglican or Tridentine services rather than using the historical Western-Rite Orthodox Liturgies and other...
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    Congratulations to our Admin, Anastasios on his Ordination to the Holy Diaconate

    Axios! Axios! Axios! He is Worthy! Congratulations Father Anastasios Hudson on your ordination to the Holy Diaconate on Great and Holy Saturday at Saint Markella's Cathedral in Astoria, New York!
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    MP Warns EP About Canonical Infringements of Territory

    The Statement of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on the Patriarchate of Constantinople Holy Synod's decision to establish an eparchial structure on the territory of the Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church On January 9, 2008 the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Constantinople...
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    I can now confirm that this site works in China (currently)

    Just checking and confirming, that yes, OrthodoxChristianity.net is accessible from The People's Republic of China, and is not in fact currently blocked by the Great Firewall of China. :police: