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  1. Nathanael

    Pray for me and a friend!

    thanks God :) I'm happy too now
  2. Nathanael

    The evil evil Masons

    Freemasonry is bad, but I really don't understand the talk of some priests, monks, elders blaming freemasons for everything bad what happens in the world and in the church. How can such rigourous BLAMING lead to a collective repentance and humility?? And interestingly, the movement in the...
  3. Nathanael

    Prayers for E.

    Lord have mercy
  4. Nathanael

    Question About Praying for Someone

    I pick particular saints - mostly several ones..
  5. Nathanael

    Did St. Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland, believe in the Filioque?

    I wouldn't be surprided if the Roman catholic church had changed that portion of the text ^^
  6. Nathanael

    Attending a Homosexual union?

    Yes, BUT: Why don't we use the same measure for atheist, muslim, and so on wedding? I don't want that my kids are present during a heterodox wedding and thinking its ok. I don't want attend a want to attend with my kids the funeral of my mother (and their beloved grandmother) who wished to be...
  7. Nathanael

    Attending a Homosexual union?

    we're all hyprocrits
  8. Nathanael

    Attending a Homosexual union?

    thanks for clarifying (y)
  9. Nathanael

    Attending a Homosexual union?

    why? If a friend of you changes her girlfriend/boyfriend for years every 2 months having with all of them a sexual relationship, would you decline to speak with him/her? I respect a homosexual, who is able to be in a life time partnership, more than such heterosexuals who changes their...
  10. Nathanael

    Attending a Homosexual union?

    So if my mother wants to be cremated when she dies, I should not visit the funeral so not to support her sin? This "I don't wanna give a blessing by being present" thing is strange. I don't give a blessing by being present. To visit such a wedding would for me mean to show to my friend that I...
  11. Nathanael

    Story from Eparchy of Zahumlje and Herzegovina - Is this true?

    The site borbazaveru is a quite radical site. They denounced so far the majority of the bishops (in the Serbian Orthodox church) - even writing in support of non-canonical bishops. I wouldn't believe in their stories.
  12. Nathanael

    Joyful Nativity!

    Not only today - but Christmas is every day: Christmas Is At Every Moment Of Our Life - M. Nikolaos - YouTube
  13. Nathanael

    Something that has puzzled me

    Yes. I had the same impression when I read the stories about christians in Romanian prisons during Communist times.
  14. Nathanael

    Please pray for those who suffer from mental health problems.

    Lord have mercy on Tim and on all those who suffer from mental health problems.
  15. Nathanael

    lustful or not lustful glances - a serious problem with confession

    From my experience: when I give in to accept attraction as not sinful, after some days/weeks the attention to attraction develops into lustful thoughts and desires. I confess it in the following way: I saw a beautiful woman/man and my heart & mind was attached to that beauty.
  16. Nathanael

    Padre Pio Credited With Orthodox Parish's Conversion

    the orthodox church "produces" in every decade several outstanding saints,..there's (probably) one "Padre Pio" within the roman catholic church in the 20th century, but dozens of orthodox elders & saints, who smoothly can keep up with the life & charismatic gifts of Padre Pio...
  17. Nathanael

    What makes Christianity different?

    Once I started the following thread: The saints are the proof that orthodoxy is the truth!(?) http://forums.orthodoxchristianity.net/threads/the-saints-are-the-proof-that-orthodoxy-is-the-truth.48775/ I tried different religions /denominations out with their inherent methodology. But...