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    For the people of Christchurch NZ

    for the people of Christchurch - hit once more by tremors http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-16313249 Lord have mercy
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    Memory Eternal - Father Archimandrite Serge

    It is with great sorrow that I have to pass on the news of the repose of Father Archimandrite Serge. I received a test message from my GodPapa yesterday afternoon [ 11 Nov] saying that he has passed to his eternal rest. ....................... May the Lord welcome him into His Kingdom where...
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    My husband Raymond - eternal memory

    My beloved husband passed very peacefully from this life  2hours ago. Mt elder daughter and I were with him. He is now at peace and free from all suffering. I would be grateful if you would keep him in your prayers Anhelyna
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    John Royce

    On December 1 two years ago  our Member John passed to his rest. He was a good friend to many here Eternal Memory
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    John Royce [ Hypo Ortho]

    On 1 December it will be 1 year since John reposed in the Lord. I remember him with affection
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    Khristos Voskrese Voistinu voskrese!

    Christos Anesti Alithos Anesti Christus resurrexit Vere resurrexit May the joy and Blessing of the Risen Christ be with you now and always
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    Candidate for the Priesthood

    Tomorrow evening [ Wednesday] ,in the Chapel of the Pontificio Collegiio Scozzeze in Rome at 7pm [ Rome] Gerald Sharkey will formally be accepted as a Candidate for the Priesthood. I have personally known Gerald since he was 11 years old as he entered S1 . Throughout his 6 years of Seconday...
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    Br Max

    Where is he - what has happened ? This graceless heretic derived comfort from the presence of the Spawn of Lucifer ;D . Well we followers of the religion of Beelzebub, as I was told elsewhere, have to stick together. And now he has vanished. Perhaps he has developed the dreaded Flu - it is...
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    Beaurocracy gone mad

    Have a look at this - it really shook me . Of what are these fruit and nut cases thinking ? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2004/01/06/nwood06.xml Council approval needed to meditate By David Sapsted (Filed: 06/01/2004) A Buddhist has been told that he needs...
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    Hey we've been rumbled ;)

    Big Brother has been watching us - remember the thread with yia-yias and Bastoonis ? OK go to this week's Onion Dome http://www.theoniondome.com/2004/od20040102.php Hmm - we will have to be careful - the Mouse Thief is keeping us on his visiting list !
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    For all of us in 2004

    O Heavenly King, Comfortor, Spirit of Truth, Who art everywhere present and fillest all things; Treasury of good things and Giver of Life; come and dwell in us and cleanse us of all impurity, and save our souls, O Good One. May we receive His gifts of :- Wisdom Understanding Counsel...
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    A very Happy New Year to one and all May you have many blessings. May you have good health and happiness
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    A Liturgy film clip

    http://www.stgeorgegreenville.org/Services/Proskomede/ProskomideCable.html A truly fascinating film - particularly for folk like me ;) There is also http://www.stgeorgegreenville.org/Services/Proskomede/ProskomideModem.html if you have a slow connection Enjoy
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    Is it me or........

    Since yesterday I have been finding OCNet incredibly slow to load - it takes about 19 secs ,or even longer ;o to load a page , and it often does it in 2 stages - the top half first and then adds in the bottom half. I've cleared out my cookies, cleared the Cache, cleared my history - the only...
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    Demise of the Llama

    Gracious me ! He/she/it has gone - presumably to the Llama farm in the skies. I do like the new generic so-to-speak Avatar for those without their own - much nicer :) Thank you ;D ;D :P
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    Saddam has been captured !!

    It's true - it happened overnight and I saw it on our Lunchtime news. He has really been been caught this time !! He was in an underground cavern - very small indeed I would have said claustrophobic. Some film clips were also shown including a bit of his medical ...
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    Welcome back

    VladCatholic , I see you have returned - so here you are - a new thread for you to carry on where you left off on your last visit. Why didn't you come back ? We were concerned for your well being.
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    Strange happenings

    Perhaps Mr Turkey is aware of this BUT this afternoon strange things are happening - Icons don't show up and then they do Avatars disappear and the reappear. Is the Board suffering from a surfeit of turkey ???
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    For all Andrews

    Since this is St Andrew's Day and a day which has a national 'feel' about it for me [ well we are trying to make it a National Holiday ;)] let me say A happy St Andrew's Day to all Andrews here
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    Good for Cantuar!

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2003/11/23/nclef23.xml The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has expressed his support for an Anglican curate who has begun legal action over a late abortion of a baby with a cleft palate. The Rev Joanna Jepson, a curate of St...