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  1. J

    A fond and possibly temporary farewell

    Well folks, I am too busy to continue membership in this forum at this point. What with working full time and family matters and all that I just don't have the time to continue cross-fora prolific posting. Therefore I am cutting out most, if not all forums for at least a temporary basis. I...
  2. J

    A question about the new forum policy

    Dear OC.net Administration team: Regarding the logical inference drawn from the change of name, are we now required to refer to those who do not regocnize Chalcedon as Orthodox? I do not ask to spark debate but rather to have a clarification. Joe Zollars
  3. J

    The Best Kept Secret

    Sorry. i know most of you are on the New Calander, but I just got this in the email today and thought it edifying enough to share. JZ
  4. J

    Icons of Orthodox Saints of the West

    Ok so does anyone know where I can find good Icons of pre-Schism western saints? Particularly looking for STs. Gregory the Great (the Dialogiust and Pope of Rome), Patrick, Columcille of Iona, Donald of Scotland, Gregory of Tours, and Ambrose of Milan, however I would very much apreciate info...
  5. J

    Fasting Subsitutes?

    Ok I know for milk you can subsititute some brands of Coffee Creamer and Soy Milk in place of milk. however I am drawing a blank as to what to use to subsitute for eggs? I have heard some say you can use pumpkin pie filling, but wasn't sure if this worked. Is there anything out there that can...
  6. J

    Pray for me

    Since this coming friday is a non-fasting day, I will be making BBQ. Alas I do not have time to make it from scratch. Therefore I will be using.........BJPaBS (Bottled Junk Posing as BBQ Sauce). Pray that I convert from these heathen ways. Anyways, at least I won't be craving BBQ during the...
  7. J

    an apology

    Recently, a certain member of this forum lifted a post I had made in another thread out of context. The post in question was originally intended (and in the original context was clearly understood) as a joke. However when lifted out of context it could and did offend some I am sure. Rest...
  8. J

    a question for byzantineprince

    Dear ByzantinePrince: Are you truthfully and proovably Royalty? I mean more than just an ancestry.com (or similar internet geneology site) search? I ask because it has come time to renew my membership in some Monarchist groups, and if you are royalty, than I think my money could be best used...
  9. J

    Akathist Hymns

    A few months back, I printed off all the Akathatists I could find online, divided them into categories, and put them into a binder so that now I have a bootlegged Akathist Book. Some have expressed interest in doing similarly, and with the thought I might be missing some, I make this thread...
  10. J


    Y'all have been subjected to 1000 posts from the Unofficial OC.net Idiot. . ;D ;) :P Joe Zollars
  11. J

    question in regards to colleges

    Ok, I am asking for some very solicited advice. I have gotten a lead on a college where I would not have to pay anything. I would be a third generation student, so would have financial assistance that way and it is a "worker" college (students work for the college while studying and don't pay...
  12. J

    well for the last time this year

    Christus Resurexit! Christos Voskrese! Christos Anesti! Christ is Risen! Joe Zollars
  13. J

    prayers please

    My brother's class just graduated tonight, and I just found out that his girlfriend and best friend are going to the senior party *with the intention of getting very drunk*. Both are long time members of SADD and were officers for the last three years and neither have *any* previous experience...
  14. J

    question about the banner at the top of the page

    does that say "one GOA..."? if so Thank God! how many GOA's could we handle. ;D :P ;) Sorry couldn't resist. Joe Zollars
  15. J


    Ok, I know this has nothing to do with Orthodoxy, but a few friends and I were discussing BBQ at another locality, particularly what our favorite sauces/meats/ways of preparing BBQ are. Since it is still Pascha season, and summer is coming up, I thought it might be a good time to get everyone's...
  16. J

    prayer request again

    I know this is not as important as others brought up recently, but tomorrow, Wensday May11, I have to take all my finals for the semester back to back and a couple of them are fairly crucial to my grades. If I make it through that, I shoudl graduate on Friday evening. Please pray that my brain...
  17. J

    What is everyone reading?

    This is just a thread to ask what everyone is reading. Till Wendsday I will be reading nothing other than textbooks, but after that---ooh man do I ever have a stack to get through. As soon as I am done with my finals, I am making it top priority to finish Law of God. Joe Zollars
  18. J

    Happy Mother's day!

    To all the mothers: Happy and blessed Mother's day. Joe Zollars
  19. J

    Icon question

    Does anyone know where I can find mounted copies of this Icon? Joe Zollars [attachment autodeleted by admin]
  20. J

    What's your favorite Saint?

    since we have a vast number of members now, I thought this would be a good a time as any for me to ask what everyone's personal favorite saint is. Please post a brief life of the saint as well as what tradition he/she is from so that we can get to know the Saints better. (this thread could be...