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  1. mabsoota

    orthodox church in portugal

    hi all, does anyone have any experience of going to orthodox churches in portugal? there is a list of churches here: http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,47856.msg831260.html#msg831260 i may visit porto in the spring and so would like to go to church. can anyone direct me...
  2. mabsoota

    What did you do while the board was down?

    congratulations to all the admins for getting the board up again! we all missed it! so to celebrate our great website, it would be fun if we post what we were filling our spare time with when we couldn't go online! i ironed 2 blouses, cooked some lovely lentil soup, and caught up on a little...
  3. mabsoota

    wedding of Son of God, bride and guests (revelation 19)

    i am discussing revelation 19 and can't adequately explain how we (Christians) can be the bride of Jesus Christ and also the wedding guests at the same wedding. i think it's because saint john is using 2 marriage metaphors at the same time, but my friend does not like this explanation. does...
  4. mabsoota

    help for ignorant non slavic speaker please :-)

    dear wonderful people who speak slavic languages, i received a surprise present (from a protestant friend) of a beautiful icon of saint mary and our Lord Jesus. it is in slavic style, and seems to be printed on hollow wood, about 16cm x 12cm. it was purchased in romania, and the buyer was...
  5. mabsoota

    happy fasting!

    those of us on old calendars finally join in with the fasting tomorrow, so may God bless your fasting and prayers and giving and may you deepen your faith. :) and happy saint mina's day for anyone who loves him as much as i do! i got to kiss (the box of) some of his relics yesterday evening and...
  6. mabsoota

    Christian songs in english with good orthodox theology

    can anyone contribute any of these? they don't have to 'sound' english; for us 'not sounding very arabic' is the same as 'sounding english', so russian / greek / romanian (etc) translations are also welcome. the best i found so far is...
  7. mabsoota

    the small paraklesis (during saint mary's fast)

    happy fasting to all you on the new calendar! (we will be joining you on thursday 7th) i am going to my friends' church later this week (if i can arrive earlier than usual with God's help), and they will be doing this vespers service: http://www.goarch.org/chapel/liturgical_texts/paraklesis i...
  8. mabsoota

    priest ordination in greek orthodox church - translation please!

    hi dear friends, so i'm going to a priestly ordination in 2 days in a greek orthodox church where they don't translate things into english. i have the liturgy of saint john chrysostom in both greek and english, does anyone know where i can find the ordination bit and see what they say? i would...
  9. mabsoota

    may God bless crimea, ukraine and russia

    i'm not sure it's possible among our members  ;) but i would like to discuss news that is not political in a more thorough way than we can in the prayer forum. (sorry i was working, have not had time to read the 3 politics threads) war has broken out in this part of eastern europe and it looks...
  10. mabsoota

    discussions of the orthodox Christian faith with calvinists

    i took this quote from the orthodox pacifism discussion (in 'faith issues'), it is brilliant: i visit holland every few years and the tough attitudes that i associate with calvinism ('whatever happens is God's will so i shouldn't be too concerned') seem to be more common there. otherwise the...
  11. mabsoota

    armenian liturgy :-)

    i may go to an armenian liturgy tomorrow! our regular Bible study is cancelled so i plan to visit a different church instead. but last time i went to armenian raising of incense, there was no translation, so can anyone link me to a translation? also how do you say 'Lord have mercy' in (old)...
  12. mabsoota

    another question about prayer to saints...

    hi, dear brothers and sisters and peace to you all :) so, i have another question arising from debates, sorry, i mean, civilised discussions over tea (!) with my protestant family/friends. i have set out the scriptural reasons why we believe we can / should ask the departed Christians (saints)...
  13. mabsoota

    please pray for this beautiful country

    http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/asia/2013/09/23/Death-toll-from-Pakistan-church-bombing-rises-to-81.html may the Lord comfort those who suffer and give them courage and strength to follow Him closely. from psalm 62(63 in massoretic text): 'my soul follows close behind you, your right hand...
  14. mabsoota

    walking on water

    dear friends, could anyone point me to an orthodox commentary on Jesus and saint peter walking on water? (matthew 14:22-33) i already have saint john chrysostom's homily 50 from: http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/index.html (by the way this is a catholic site; it also includes some gnostic and...
  15. mabsoota

    Prayers for Egypt

    egypt changes its government: http://news.yahoo.com/egypts-mursi-defies-army-plots-future-without-him-010721364.html may God bless His people, fill them with His Spirit and make them a light shining to all those around, full of the love of Jesus Christ.
  16. mabsoota

    orthodox sources replying to protestant end times preachers

    i have been trying to avoid this topic for at least 4 years, but it has now come to a head (have to hang out with some serious protestant theological types this weekend!) :o anyone got any good sources? (sensible replies only! i would love to stick my head in the sand or do all manner of...
  17. mabsoota

    yay, it's lent!

    yipee! anyone else excited about it being lent in only 1 1/2 days? :)
  18. mabsoota

    in which countries do protestants celebrate Pascha together with the orthodox?

    hi, i am trying to plan my march / may time (including protestant family / friends) and i am wondering in which countries do protestants celebrate easter together with the orthodox, as opposed to with catholics, as in north america and western europe? for example in romania, everyone, except...
  19. mabsoota

    help! where can i find a romanian font?

    hi, dear friends, i agreed to help a friend out with some romanian writing, and i would like to find a romanian font on the internet (for download), so that i can write with the special accents, like the 'a' with a hat and the t with a squiggle (for 'ts/cz'). sorry, i can't remember what the...
  20. mabsoota

    anyone know an orthodox church in south germany / lichtenstein?

    hi dear friends, i expect to be in south germany (memmingen / friedrichshafen) area soon, travelling to liechtenstein (probably) for a few days, maybe going through dornbirn (austria). are there any orthodox churches in the area? i know there are in munich (munchen), but are there any closer...