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  1. Eamonomae

    OnePeterFive: Entire article dedicated to sexual abuse in Eastern Orthodoxy

    Amazing. Apparently the Trad Cats are so worried about people leaving Rome to a more stable jurisdiction that they published a hit piece. https://onepeterfive.com/the-sexual-abuse-crisis-in-eastern-orthodoxy/ Shows that Trad Cats are of incredible maturity and sound mind. Mind you: 1. Sexual...
  2. Eamonomae

    Aten and Yahweh: A connection?

    What do you guys think about the relationship between Yahweh and Aten? From 1351-1334, there was an Egyptian Pharaoh by the name of Akhenaten. For some reason - which makes him so interesting - he decided to abolish the traditional Egyptian Pantheon and replace it with a form of Monotheism...
  3. Eamonomae

    Mudras and Orthodox Iconography

    I've heard the claim from certain groups of people - e.g., Gnostics, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. - that Orthodox iconographic depictions of various gestures - Jesus especially, but also some Saints - are Pre-Christian in origin. Apparently, they may have some kind of Proto-Christian Hellenic...
  4. Eamonomae

    It turns out: There were no "Mass Canadian gravesites"

    https://thefederalist.com/2022/01/19/not-one-corpse-has-been-found-in-the-mass-grave-of-indigenous-children-in-canada/ So remember how in the Summer of 2021 the Canadian government purported to discover "mass grave" sites from Church-State run Canadian boarding schools? And as a result...
  5. Eamonomae

    Mother tested positive for Covid

    Mother tested positive for Covid, prayers would be nice
  6. Eamonomae

    Putting on my Spanish Inquisition hat

    Does anyone else find it bizarre that threads which are years old - I'm talking threads which are at least 6 years old - are suddenly resurrected by inactive or new accounts, and in these resurrected threads 1. The inactive or new account postulates a heterodox opinion, totally contrary to the...
  7. Eamonomae

    Got any Eastern Christmas Carols?

    Post them below
  8. Eamonomae

    "Vatican II created Clown Masses"

    I really love the Western liturgical tradition, but Vatican II was symptomatic of a spiritual sickness in the Roman Catholic Church that existed years before Vatican II; it was a symptom, not the cause. Here's an unpublished video from 1952 of a Pontifical Latin Mass being performed at a...
  9. Eamonomae

    Michigan school shooter allegedly a Satanist

    I say allegedly. Media isn't covering this aspect as of now, and we'll probably get more information as time goes on, but one of his classmates purportedly screen-capped the social media and said he was a Satanist. His social media had a countdown called "Return of the Devil" and had a bunch...
  10. Eamonomae

    Notre Dame interior to become a symbol of diversity

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2021/11/26/notre-dame-risks-becoming-woke-disneyland-controversial-renovation/ They tried to do it to the exterior, but they got backlash. Now they are trying to do it to the interior.
  11. Eamonomae

    Catholic University of America depicts George Floyd as Jesus in Byzantine Icon

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/catholic-university-painting-depicting-george-floyd-as-jesus-is-heretical-blasphemous-student-says Uh oh.
  12. Eamonomae

    A Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day

    Video deleted. Further action is pending review of the moderator of this section. --Ainnir
  13. Eamonomae

    I figured out where the depiction of "Baphomet" comes from

    I figured it out. I've connected all the dots. 1. Around the 2nd Temple Period, the Apocryphal "Testament of Solomon" is circulated among Jewish and Jewish-Christian communities (probably Christian, because it identifies Christ as the Messiah) The "Testament of Solomon" tells the tale of how...
  14. Eamonomae

    Theory on the "Mark of the Beast"

    This is a thought that occurred to me. What is a "beast"? A being without a rational soul, incapable of higher values and thoughts - completely subject to their own animalistic impulses, acting on it without regards to any consequences for short term releases of pleasure. Someone being...
  15. Eamonomae

    Is the debate between "first-cause" and "dependent origination" a fool's debate?

    Please make sure that you read this carefully, especially read the ending. I'M NOT SAYING THEH RELIGIONS ARE COMPATIBLE OR ARE SECRETLY TEACHING THE SAME THING. I'm merely saying that on this one, peculiar, particular concept, there may actually be reconciliation. One of the fundamental...
  16. Eamonomae

    What's the best-smelling / flavor of incense, and where do you buy it from?

    For those who have prayer corners, or are familiar with Church supplies, What's the best smelling incense? What flavors / smells do you prefer? And why? What supplier do you use?
  17. Eamonomae

    Got permanently banned on SuscipeDomine.com

    Just felt like venting somewhere. I posted a thread on how some forms of Buddhism - mainly Vajrayana and some forms of Mahayana - seem to have some philosophical conception of the Logos in their belief system, and felt like sharing. The moderator said it was "bull" and I was permanently banned...
  18. Eamonomae

    Thoughts on the Karmaic religious denial of the first cause?

    The Karmaic religions - Hinduism and Buddhism for example - explicitly reject the notion that the universe had a first cause to existence, that first cause being without beginning and without end (what we call "God"), but rather assumes that the universe itself is eternal in its being, without...
  19. Eamonomae

    Pope Francis encourages Catholics to say Jesus Prayer throughout the day