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    EO using OO icons

    I was wondering if there would be any objections in the EO Church for an EO Christian using Oriental Orthodox icons of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. I think the Oriental look is just more appealing than the Byzantine style.  Of course, I already have icons, so I'm not going to rush out and...
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    Re: Pomp and Ceremony

      My family was pentecostal, if this I can understand.  Consider this, preachers spend just as much on all their suits as a parish does on the vestments (and they are possibly used longer).  Elaborate worship spaces are also built to last.  While some look at Catholics (old school) and the...
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    Christmas Services

    About how long does the Christmas vigil last?  This is my first Christmas service in the eastern rite, so I'm used to the idea of a Midnight Mass, but the parish I'm going to starts its vigil pretty early- 6:30.
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    Orthodox Orphanage in the USA

    Are there any orphanages in the US that are for the children of Orthodox parents? If not, is there just not a need for one?
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    Knoxville, TN

    Well, I'm going to be moving to south of Knoxville for a few months; I was wondering if I will be meeting any of you when I go to DL at St. George's in a couple of weeks? I'm a reader, but I was trained in the WR, so this is going to be interresting for me.
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    My Tonsure

    I just got back from being tonsured a reader by +Bishop Basil! Please pray for me as I enter this new phase of my journey.
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    needs your prayers

    Please keep John in your prayers.  I'm hoping he is only going threw a phase in his life or he is doing this to spite his parents, but in doing so, he has ventured so far into a darkness, I've never felt so much fear for the salvation of a soul, I've never felt the need to be so...
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    Prayer for a new mission

    Let us pray for a new mission that is forming in Lynchburg, VA. If anyone is interrested, they are asking to use one of the western rites. "The members of Christ Church, formerly a parish of the "continuing" Anglican Church, are to be received on March 5 as catechumens (those under instruction)...
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    Doing Penance for Another Person

      I have a question regarding the practice of doing penance for someone else.  I was reading a book on St. Seraphim of Sarov called Flame in the Snow: A Life of St. Serafim of Sarov by Julia de Beausobre.  In this book, St. Serafim tells the men who crippled him (when they come back to beg for...
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    "The doors! The doors!"

      I would like to propose that we change the deacon's line, "The doors!  The doors!" to , "Turn your cellphones off!"  ;)
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    Who can deliver a sermon/homily?

    Who is allowed to deliver a sermon or homily that they have writen themselves during the DL?  Can it be anyone the priest ask to? Sorry if this is a second post- I'm not sure if the first one posted.
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    New Western Rite Monastery

    Christ has risen!   I don't want this to be a thread about the validity, or lack there of, of the Wester Rites.  I just thought that some may be interrested to know that a new WR monastery has been started in New Glastonbury.  http://home.earthlink.net/~new-glastonbury/index.html
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      Oh wow!  I just got back from seeing this movie.  You should go see it if you can.  It is a Catholic saint, but her spirit of humility is so Orthodox.  I was moved to tears and convicted- I should do better than I have been.  The movie was a lesson in humility, serving, and not living for your...
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    Why no Antiochian monasteries?

      I was wondering why my jurisdiction (Antiochian Archdiocese of North America) doesn't have many monastaries.  Does any one know?
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    Broken statue/icon

      What does one do with an icon or statue that is broken but has not been blessed?