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    If A Patriarch becomes a heretic, what do I do? Theoretically?

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    FYI, here are the ghosts of Summerfest past: My diary of Summerfest: http://nstanosheck.blogspot.com/2003/08/ocnet-summer-fest-2003.html OCnet updates during Summer fest: http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/newboard/index.php?board=1;action=display;threadid=1686 It was a really good time!
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    How often do you get the Eucharist in your Orthodox Church?

    Why Prosphora Must Be Pure: http://www.kiilehua.com/prosphora.htm
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    EP Metropolitan excommunicated MP priest

    The MP long ago had a church in Taiwan. They are simply reopening it, according to the MP. There is a lot of politics about all of this unfortunately. :-(
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    Looks like ROCOR will dismantle its WR

    In DFW, the ROCOR parish is part of all the pan-Orthodox events and even holds some. It is only the Serbians that do not participate.
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    Yes, it is the scribe of the Apostle John.
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    No olive oil or no any kind of oil?

    A high carb diet is not required in Great Lent. There are plenty of low carb vegetable and fruit choices. It is true that many monastics do get diabetes from a high glucose diet, but this can be avoided.
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    Lenten Reading 2013

    Both are very good!
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    No olive oil or no any kind of oil?

    Foods cooked in oils taste better and the Fathers knew this, so oils were banned on fasting days. That is why we can eat olives, peanuts, corn, etc. All of these have oils that are taken from them for cooking, but whole, are not considered an oil.
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    Names for Proskomedia & other services

    Updating mine... Orthodox Living Vasile, Protopresbyter Basil, Archpriest Dionysi, Archpriest George, Archpriest Mirela, Presvytera Nikolai, Deacon Christina, Matushka Christine, Matushka Anna, Matushka Charles, Reader Serban, Reader Nicholas Anastasia Joachim Helen Anca Michael Columcille...
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    Typology: Connecting all OT Types from to their NT Anti-Types in Orthodoxy

    Does anyone have a list of all the types & anti-types recognized by Orthodox Christianity?
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    The Christian Bible and Orthodoxy

    Yes. YOU should do that in your closest church community.
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    The Christian Bible and Orthodoxy

    Here are all the churches within 100 miles of your city along with the addresses, contact info and distance away: St. Peter Church Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of N. America 7601 Bellaire Dr S Ft. Worth, TX 76132 26 miles 817.263.5554 St. Barbara Mission Orthodox Church in...
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    How many licks does it take???

    Nothing, but it used to have a poll about how many licks when it was created back in 2002. I am guessing that this poll belongs to another thread which may not have the how many licks poll attached to it.
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    PLEASE READ: Forum Crash and Upgrade

    I am not sure if it is happening in any other poll threads, but the wrong poll is attached to this thread: http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,22.new.html#new
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    How many licks does it take???

    Hmm, the wrong poll is attached to this thread!
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    Toll houses?

    I love that blog!  :angel:
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    St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans: Patristic Commentaries

    You can get commentary of most if not all of them in The Orthodox New Testament Volume 2 (Acts, Epistles, and Revelation)