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  1. Hinterlander

    Cold Mountain

    I became familiar with this poetry through the works of Gary Snyder.
  2. Hinterlander

    Let's start a "Miscellaneous" private forum

    I agree - I'd probably post here a lot more if such an outlet existed.
  3. Hinterlander

    To what degree is pleasure evil and to what degree is it good?

    How do you understand the difference between pleasure and contentment? and joy? What definitions are we working with here?
  4. Hinterlander

    Has anyone done one of those ethnicity/ancestry DNA tests?

    You obviously have an axe to grind and aren't even willing to actually read the reference panel site I linked too.
  5. Hinterlander

    Has anyone done one of those ethnicity/ancestry DNA tests?

  6. Hinterlander

    Has anyone done one of those ethnicity/ancestry DNA tests?

    Ancestry.com has done exactly what you said would be "impractical" . . . they have a reference panel of thousands of samples from distinct regions of the world.  Maybe they don't have samples from every valley in the Balkans but they aren't basing the results simply on customer replies. Your...
  7. Hinterlander

    Has anyone done one of those ethnicity/ancestry DNA tests?

    Great Britain 49% Europe West 25% Scandinavia 15% Ireland/Scotland/Wales 8% The interesting part was being able to identify my paternal grandfather for the first time and sharing that with the family.
  8. Hinterlander

    Tips for reading theology books fast?

    The more you read and faster you'll read - especially if it is on a topic you've read before . . . for example, the sixth book you read on the History of the Orthodox Church will go much faster than the first you read. I'd also suggest you get over the anxiety of missing something - you can...
  9. Hinterlander

    Athanasius, Life of Antony

    His other option probably would have been to arrange a marriage for her?
  10. Hinterlander

    Russian theories that French author Alexandre Dumas is Alexander Pushkin

    They should be able to do a textual analysis to reveal any common patterns of prose - or would writing in a different language hamper this?
  11. Hinterlander

    Jordanville Erratum

    Do you have any of HTM's publications?  The binding, paper, layout, etc are all superb.  These are books that you will treasure.  I like the contents of the OCA prayer book but it is falling to pieces.  I taped paperboard to the cover to try and make it last a bit longer.
  12. Hinterlander

    Jordanville Erratum

    So I've had the HTM for years and recently picked up the much mentioned Jordanville Prayer book. I'm a bit disappointed in having come across typos and also in general I'm not impressed with the layout. Has anyone else noticed this?  I've come across at least several typos and haven't even...
  13. Hinterlander

    What does Orthodoxy say of those of us who neither marry or become monastic?

    You have the freedom to volunteer around your parish and wider community. Also, what is your job? You could take on a profession that might pay less but be of more direct service to people.
  14. Hinterlander

    How many Orthodox in the world?

    Consult Pew Research. http://www.pewforum.org/2017/11/08/orthodox-christianity-in-the-21st-century/
  15. Hinterlander

    Meet The "Young Saints" Of Bethel Who Go To College To Perform Miracles

    California is also home to cessationists like Macarthur who has his own "hogwarts" as well.
  16. Hinterlander

    Examine my Orthodoxy

    I'm an inquirer into the Orthodox Faith eager to submit to the teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  I live in a large metropolitan area in the United States, let's say, Seattle, who is my rightful bishop?
  17. Hinterlander

    ITT: Calvinism

    I'd say the vast majority of Reformed folks will hold to a similar position as the EO in that there are many people who, despite the falsity of their church, are on the road of salvation.  The "invisible church" doctrine helps them assert this.
  18. Hinterlander

    Today according to Bp.Ussher

    Look up the "Chronicon Paschale".  Ussher was just following in the grand ole tradition.
  19. Hinterlander

    How Do I Deal with My Protestant Family?

    I wouldn't debate them.  Bear spiritual fruit that witnesses to the reality of Orthodoxy.