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    Can we have a push on interfaith dialogue?

    Hey everyone, I've noticed there's Orthodox-Catholic and Oriental Orthodox forums, but I think we need to put more effort on dialogue with other faiths. Every now and then I visit a Muslim forum that has a "Islam/Christianity/Judaism" dialogue forum, which is quite popular. It attracts all...
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    Russia-Ukraine gas crisis

    The relations between these two - formerly close - Orthodox nations seems to be taking one wrong turn after the other. But can we be upset at Russia's recent actions? Ukraine underwent a US-backed and organised anti-Russian "revolution" and wishes to establish "normal" relations with Russia...
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    Cypriot iconic Mosque restored in Greek-Cyprus

    Restored mosque brings hope for Cyprus' ethnic divide By Agence France Presse (AFP) Wednesday, December 21, 2005 LARNACA, Cyprus: Nestled on the edge of a salt lake in southern Cyprus, one of Islam's most important shrines has been restored and is now poised as a beacon of hope for the...
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    Icons or statues?

    I'm aware that Orthodox use icons and the West use statues, but I've never understood why. Could someone please explain to me? Reason I raise it is because we're currently doing our backyard and I was thinking of putting a Mary or Jesus statue out the back, but I'm not sure whether this...
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    Are you a convert to Orthodoxy?

    I'd just like to know an estimate on the number of people here who are actually converts or are Orthodox by family association.
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    How can I become a better Orthodox Christian?

    Hey all, Yes, this is my second post re my faith situation in a week, but no I'm not entering some crisis. :) I have been reading this forum for some time and I'm overwhelmed by the great levels of knowledge each of you possess. I have a great interest in deepening my faith and my...
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    Is my Christian heart my vulnerability?

    Hi all, I might come across at times as a stern fellow, but generally my common mannerisms include always listening, always forgiving, always responding, regardless of the person and their intentions. If people talk to me, I always try to be friendly and attentive as possible. I am compelled...
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    Miraculous Crying Madonna of Aleppo.

    Saturday, August 27, 2005 Miraculous Crying Madonna of Aleppo. Elyse Semerdjian, an American professor of Middle East History now visiting Syria, just sent me this note about the miraculous crying Madonna of Chaldean church in Aleppo. I was dropped off in Aleppo by the taxi driver a few blocks...
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    Prayer for the victims of the Iraqi stampede

    What an horrific last 48 hours. I was going to incorporate the tragedy of New Orleans in this thread, but it appears someone has beaten me to it. Simultaneously, another tragedy occured on the other side of the globe in Iraq where approximately 1000 people were killed in a stampede. Please...
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    The black guy

    I need an Orthodox interpretation/advice on a dream/semi-dream I had. A few years back I was asleep in my bed in a dream. I was positioned as I was (asleep in my bed) and I saw a man dressed in black (couldn't see his face) at the foot of my bed. He then approached me, so I turned around and...
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    Town marks anniversary of miracle

    BESHWAT, Ras Baalbek: Jordanian boy Mohammad Naief Hawadi was the first to witness the miraculous visions of Our Lady of Beshwat in September, 2004. Since then the site in Ras Baalbek, has attracted Christian and Muslim believers from all over the world, in the hope of seeing the statue move or...
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    The mysterious Orthodox community

    Hi all, long time no post, hope all are well. I have a pressing issue that recurrently appears in my mind, and it's that of the socio-political status of the Orthodox in the world. On an international level, the notion of Orthodox brotherhood is hardly existent, and there is little...
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    Profile issue

    I've noticed that when people post, the flag of their country of residence is displayed. In the Location section of the profile, I have always had Australia there, why isn't the flag displayed when I post?
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    Holy Friday

    The day Christ showed His love for humanity by dying on the cross for us. Let us learn from His example and continue to spread the love He bestowed upon us. God bless you all
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    Palm Sunday protests against Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem

    04/24/05, Palestinian East-Orthodox Christians shout at Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Irineos (not in the picture) as they called for his resignation during a Palm Sunday procession in Jerusalem's Old City. The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem is under pressure to resign in a...
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    The significance of Easter novelties

    Excuse my ignorance, but could someone please tell me the significance - if any - to the following? Chocolate Easter eggs Easter bunny Painting eggs and cracking them on Easter Sunday Hot Cross Buns
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    New Pope causes fear

    I've been reading through the Pope thread, and some of you share the same fear as I do. This Pope seems hell bent on "uniting" all Christian faiths, his main focus being the 1000 year old schism with our church. Now how do I interpret this? Do I interpret this as more Catholic proselytism in...