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    What TV shows are you watching?

    The sister is a soon to be dead girl. She gets my vote. I'm just not seeing the sister go first.  The producers seem to wait a bit before breaking up a nuclear family.  I think she's good at least through season 2 (if there is a season 2).  I should rephrase my original question - "who do I...
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    Young Life

    Thank you both for the input.  I was wondering about the Young Life POV - they started Presbyterian and are now somewhat non-denom, but their website gives me the impression it's a bit Calvinistic, or at least atonement based, personal salvation.  I do think his attendance will be a good way for...
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    What TV shows are you watching?

    Can I just say for me, the most anticipated part of the upcoming episodes of  Fear the Walking Dead is which one of these lame, clueless people gets eaten first!  I love me some good post-apocalyptic sci-fi, but either these are really what most modern Americans are like, or they are just too...
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    Young Life

    My high school sophomore attended a Young Life meeting last night with other members of his varsity football team.  I thought it would be similar content to Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Evangelical or non-denominational, "Jesus loves sinners", happy hymns, etc...  It was more of a social...
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    St. Jacob Netsvetov Tomb

    OK, this is what's confusing.  The monument and former grave of St. Jacob does not contain his relics.  Where have they been relocated to since his glorification?
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    St. Jacob Netsvetov Tomb

    I am stumped on what should be a very simple fact to determine - where is St. Jacob Netsvetov, the Enlightener of Alaska, interred?  I suspect it's in Sitka at the Cathedral, but after reading numerous hagiographies of his life none of them tell me where he is interred.  Sunday July 26th is his...
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    Say something nice about the above country.

    Hristos a inviat! Adeverat a inviat! Texas
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    Lutherans (ELCA)elect first openly gay bishop

    I am sorry to say I clicked on the Herchurch website.  That has to be the most horrible abuse of Christianity I've ever seen.  What the heck is a 'tender-hearted man', and if there is one who'd be happy to attend this pink feminista faith prison, he isn't any kind of man I want to ride out the...
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    Epistle to Diognetus

    I am reading the Maxwell Stanforth translation of the Apostolic Fathers - Early Christian Writings.  The reading of the Apostolic Fathers has become very popular and for many inquirers into early Christianity, a confirmation of the continuity of Orthodox beliefs and practices.  I've hit a wall...
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    Lutherans (ELCA)elect first openly gay bishop

    I left the ELCA 20 years ago to become Orthodox because I thought it was too liberal.  Looking back now, the ELCA of 20 years ago was almost traditionally conservative compared to the mess it's become now.  Praise God he led me out of that and into Orthodoxy where there are no felted "Jesus...
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    Please pray. Oklahoma tornado levels a school. Many children killed.

    I believe there is a Western Rite parish in Moore? St Thomas the Apostle. Does anyone know if was damaged?  Maps show it was close to the track of the tornado.
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    Orthodoxy and Humor

    If the Gospels said "Jesus laughed" we wouldn't be having this conversation.  I'm of the mind that because His disciples could be so eye-rollingly exasperating some times, our Lord must have had to laugh at their idiocy.  We only get the stern parts when He'd really had it with them. 
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    Looking for a DVD of the Divine Liturgy

    I manage our church's small bookstore and I had a parishioner ask if I could find him a DVD of the Divine Liturgy (St. John Chrysostom).  He and his wife are in their 80's and drive 250+ miles round trip to get to Sunday Liturgy.  (They live in a very remote little town in southwest Texas near...
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    Racoons Are Funny Even When They're Dead!

    Guess the PA highway department takes their job pretty seriously!   YOu just can't let a little thing like roadkill stand in your way. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57490089/pennsylvania-road-crew-paints-over-dead-raccoon/?tag=cbsnewsTwoColLowerPromoArea;fd.morenews
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    Lying to Your Children?

    Re. Lying to Your Children?  Yeah, we all do it, but I think it's done because we are always weighing so many contradictory factors in dealing with our kids - protecting them, preparing them for adulthood, and preserving their innocence.  What you say to your kids depends on their age and what...
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    Mars Rover Landing

    A little thing like money didn't stop the USS Enterprise from boldly going...   And in other news, this is what the Mars Curiosity Rover found today
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    You Know You Live in South Texas When.....

    OK, I couldn't help but reply to my own post.  I went to the Beeville newspaper and you're gonna snort some coffee 'out your nose when you read their full account of the Jesus taco. http://mysoutex.com/view/full_story/19677464/article-Face-of-Christ-found-on-tortilla?instance=bee_regional_news
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    You Know You Live in South Texas When.....

    ...you can see Jesus on your morning taco.  South Texans take their breakfast tacos real serious down here.  Hey, if it blessed some folks than hallelujah (but I'm thinking it looks a little more like some rocker from an 80's hair band). ...
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    Guns in church

    I'm not trying to derail the "animated" conversation but just a side question Subd. Michael.  I read a lot of British papers and news sites (and not just the trash page of the Daily Mail - which seems to love stories on child abuse, gun and gangs, and any other sort of death and debauchery that...
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    What do the Eastern Orthodox think of the Novus Ordo Mass?

    UUUUCHHHH!  I've had plenty of occasions to attend Novus Ordo masses in predominantly RC South Texas (weddings, First Communions, etc..) and I can't recall one that I didn't cringe at, especially with the use of that horrible, insipid Gather hymnal.  And don't get me started on the Communion...